strongest hurricane alma approach: in florida people emergency evacuation

Beijing, Sept. 6 (xinhua) comprehensive report, the recent natural disasters, hurricane "Harvey" wreak havoc for many days in places such as Texas, killing 50 people, 6 million people affected by the disaster."Harvey," just go now, the same power of hurricane "Alma" again close to Florida and the east coast of the United States.

the National hurricane Center (National Hurriance Center) 5, pointed out that "may become catastrophic" hurricane "Alma" (Irma) level has been enhanced to 5 in the day, is "extremely dangerous" level.5 in the afternoon, "Alma," has arrived in Antigua and Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda) 180 miles to the east, and stability in the west at a speed of 185 miles per hour.


local time on September 4, 2017, SAN Juan, Puerto Rico, just upgraded to a category four storm" Irma "hurricane is close to the Caribbean and the south region.

meteorological department said, "Alma," now is the strongest since 2007 Atlantic hurricane, 6 afternoon is expected to log in antigua, virgin islands, and Puerto Rico.Then may be heading for the United States.

in Puerto Rico, the United States and the British virgin islands has now issued a hurricane warning, the national hurricane center at the brookings south (Michael Brennan) said: "we might see 7 to 11 feet waves, it will be extremely dangerous, in addition to the northeast of the Caribbean islands there will be heavy rain and floods, hurricanes bring strong winds will also cause damage."

according to the forecast, 5 or 6 in the morning in the evening, "Alma" will hit Puerto Rico Leeward Islands in the east (Leeward Islands), make the water level is beyond normal 3 meters, rainfall in some regions will reach 25 cm, also to give a "damaging waves".

the current computer models show that Emma May 7 and 8 coming, Haiti and the Dominican republic Turks and Caicos Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands), after 8 and 9 in Cuba, in this weekend, Emma could be transferred to the north Florida.

Florida state of emergency Coastal began evacuating

forecast, according to data from the Atlantic coast of Florida, Georgia, north and south Carolina could be affected by "Alma".And the gulf of Mexico in Louisiana and Arkansas.


local time on September 4, 2017, SAN Juan, Puerto Rico, supermarket shelves are empty, drinking water just upgraded to a category four storm" Irma "hurricane is close to the Caribbean and the south region.

AccuWeather website meteorologists Samuel (Dave Samuhel), said it was not clear after hurricane region, but he suggested people to take action on the potential storm line, ready for any emergency.

Florida governor Richard (Rick Scott) 5, Scott said, because "Alma," the state has a state of emergency.

Scott on the day of the letter to trump, hope the President announced the hurricane login before emergency command, and warned that there will be a local large-scale evacuation.Trump said will guide all available resources and power of the federal government, help to Florida "Alma.

Scott said: "the hurricane Alma is significant and life-threatening hurricane, Florida, must want to prepare for the worst, Florida department of emergency management have been report to me about the latest situation of the Alma, Florida will be in the line of Alma, hundreds of millions of people will be affected. Florida is expected to"


local time on September 4, 2017, SAN Juan, Puerto Rico, workers will ship put to dry dock, preparing for just upgraded to a category four storm" Emma "hurricane.

Scott also asked 7000 national guard members on standby before Friday morning, in addition, 100 national guard members to help local evacuation since Sunday.

Florida officials have urged might be Alma directly hit the coastal areas of people to evacuate as soon as possible.Simon in Miami Dade provincial (Carlos a. their) said Tuesday, local officials will ask the county 2.7 million people have been evacuated starting Wednesday at the earliest.

in Simon said: "the power of the hurricane is very big, we can't afford any delay action."Simon, also urged local residents to prepare at least three days with enough water and food.

Key West (Key West) belongs to the Monroe county said, has been released on Tuesday forced evacuation order, asked local tourists evacuated from 7 PM on Wednesday morning, local residents are mandatory evacuation since Wednesday evening at seven o 'clock.

in the statement, Monroe county officials urged local residents and visitors began to plan to evacuate immediately.Said in a statement: "the earliest left key west, people would not face a big traffic jam, in addition, Monroe county school is closed for the starting Wednesday, the local hospital also began to shift patients."

5, Puerto Rico, the virgin islands and Florida people are beginning to hoard food and water, and in response to the coming hurricane.Some supermarkets later on Monday, drinking water has been sold out.

Harvey life inconvenience to the gulf coast, has caused the Florida public panic.West palm beach wal-mart Sunday for out of stock at the bottled water, people also plunder gasoline and other emergency reserves.More than the us coast guard helicopters also transferred from southeast Texas, transfer to Puerto Rico, Florida and Georgia on standby.

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