china next to a small woman too unsafe here don't even know who the husband before marriage

in countries bordering China, the northwest rest assured there are many mainly Muslim name with "Stan" countries, which have a name is called "kyrgyzstan" lucky country. a lot of people that should be to the country, but how to ask you this country, many people don't know.This country used to be China's territory, actually was ceded out.

followed by many of the kyrgyz people and han ethnic characteristics very similar, is not only with the Mongolian approximation, is quite a lot of similar appearance with the han nationality.Early period of emperor wu of the western han dynasty in China, most of the territory of kyrgyzstan has been incorporated into China's territory.Today is the birthplace of the famous tang dynasty poet in kyrgyzstan, broken leaf is a part of China in the tang dynasty period, the city is the tang empire of one of the "anxi" four town in western regions.

by now, a lot of people think, kyrgyzstan is a woman the most dangerous country.This is what reason, because here has also pursued an old custom, is the "snatching.According to relevant data shows, in kyrgyzstan, about a third of the marriage is in violation of the national women's own willingness, its main way is persecuted and hostage.Each year about 15000 women into courtship hijacked by snatching object.Before, in kyrgyzstan, the woman walked in the way it is easy to be a man robbed, once was a man robbed, I lost your virginity, virginity is a woman's life in a Muslim country, didn't also nobody to you, so you just married.Kyrgyz authorities are trying to fight the growing have been hijacked the illegal action of the married women, because of customs and history, it hit the little, so "snatching still very rampant.

the rule of why so once upon a time there?The custom of "bride" originated in the 12th century.When the less resources, theft is rampant, so "snatching also arises spontaneously, in the original" snatching is still legal, until after kyrgyzstan independence "snatching criteria has been stopped.Was one reason for the emergence of this kind of behavior is to reduce the cost of marriage, because the wedding is not expensive, many men and even to borrow usury.

all in all, marriage should be a product of love, snatching the behavior is illegal, in modern civilized society should resist.Today, however, for Chinese men, married indeed too high cost is too high, many people hard struggle just to start a family, what do you think?

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