north korea | hit guam american reload the tongue behind both sides zuizhang really began to intend to have many tall?

President trump

north Korea is best not to issue any provocation to the United States, otherwise they will encounter had never seen the fire with his anger.

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local time on August 8, the President of the United States to north Korea issued a trump of such threats, and since then, each from a distance between the us and the DPRK Dui, threat from each other has been underway for a few back and forth.

latest statement: "target Reload the tongue "

11 at 7 a.m. local time, also is the Beijing time at half past seven last night, the President of the United States again trump tough talk against north Korea, he said on the social networking site, if north Korea is not a wise choice, the United States military solutions already in place," target Reload the tongue ".

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later and said trump, if excessive north Korean provocation or to Guam, other U.S. territory, or any other U.S. Allies, that north Korea will regret, Kim jong UN will regret soon.This is nate trump on the same day the second verbal threats against the north.

review: between the us and the DPRK threat escalating

first, in view of the "fire and anger" trump, north Korea immediately intense response, says the north Korean military is considered with "Mars - 12" type of long-range strategic ballistic missile on Guam surrounding surrounded by shooting battle plan.

on August 9, trump voice again, this time he moved out of the "nuclear weapons";

on August 10, the Korean central news agency said in a news release, north Korea will be completed in the middle of August on Guam surrounded, and report to the north Korean nuclear force commander in chief, Kim jong UN.That is to say, the north Korean side of Guam surrounded through clear on time, will threaten further upgrade.

the us local time on August 10, trump then making tough talk to north Korea.Trump said, 8 had warned north Korea will face unprecedented "artillery and anger", the wording may not be enough.Trump said that he will be interesting to see north Korea will make what kind of move to Guam, what if north Korea to Guam, it faces no one will be seen.

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trump: "fire with anger" wording is not strong enough

in the day, trump said when answer questions from reporters, "north Korea is best cheer up ready, otherwise they will get into trouble, the few countries in the world had ever encountered trouble."

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when asked if the United States would take pre-emptive military action against north Korea, there is no clear response to trump, just say and see what will happen next.He also said that the United States will always consider negotiating with north Korea.

reportedly held in local time, 11, a defense report after the meeting, Mr. Trump again, always want to make sure that the United States is the world's most powerful nuclear power.

President trump

my first priority is to hope that our nuclear libraries to become the world's largest and most of the top, we spent a lot of time and money and effort, let us have the most sharp weapon, and growing, in front of the (nuclear) disappeared, we are going to better and more powerful than anyone else, anyone, including north Korea, it is impossible to use any weapons threat to us.

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the U.S. media quoted military sources as saying that the pentagon is ready for a preemptive attack to north Korean missile launch site plan, to trump the President related orders, etc.American public opinion, however, may not trump a plan for the forming of a military strike on north Korea, military action and the consequence is unimaginable.

analysts: towards the real war will not strong

u.s.-north Korea put malicious words from a distance, but the possibility of war both sides really how much?The former army officer thinks, from the current indications, both the us and the DPRK will not actually at war.

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the former army officer, mark hertling says in an interview, if the United States goes to war against north Korea in advance of weapons and equipment, personnel, scheduling, and early from South Korea to withdraw U.S. citizens, U.S. warships, submarines, air force bombers must also transfer to Guam base outside of work, the preparation work need at least a few weeks time.

the yonsei university international experts think, according to information released from north Korea, it is not going to really launched a crackdown.

China's foreign ministry: hope all parties concerned proceed with caution

just recently escalated between the us and the DPRK's comments, GengShuang, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, said the current situation on the Korean peninsula complicated and sensitive.China hopes that relevant parties to do more to help reduce tensions, enhance mutual trust, and don't leave each other take turns to intensive, escalating the situation.

Russia's foreign minister: "clever" party should quell the crisis first

Russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said yesterday that Russia will not accept north Korea nuclear power.Lavrov also said that the United States and north Korea's current crisis caused the high risk of war, this may be accompanied by a large number of death.Lavrov called for "stronger, smarter" should first seek to quell the crisis.

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