they are referred to as the age of the virgin marry to temples lifelong plaything!

guide language: for a long time, Indian society there has always been a kind of habit, Indian saint, after puberty, the girl from poor families are forced to sell in the temple, become sex slaves of Hindu senior monks and brahmans elders, so called "virgin".

a Hindu temple prostitutes "originated from India's old tradition.The girl in the poor family grew up a little some, will be in the temple, and began to a miserable life. these lowly village girl, at the age of 10 he had to throw away the traditional way of marriage, his life good to the local gods, for the villagers of village rituals and do pray.Just into youth period, they marry temple on ceremonies and celebrations, and then to enjoy wedding night with temple monks or elders.

they referred to as

poor parents willing to send daughter to a temple on the one hand, because of its own advantages, on the other hand also superstitious to think "dedicated to the god" will receive blessings, daughter will be happy, so her daughter into the fire pit.

they referred to as

people also said they as "saint", deferential to them in fear, even when the kowtow to touch the ground.All is clear, however, these look, the girls are on their high in this old tradition is what kind of character.

they referred to as

these girls not only the monks to unconditionally serve demand, when they were aged color declines, they will be get rid of the name of the virgin, even so, they will still be young virgin to the younger generation.Unfortunately to the gods of the girls, doomed youth with the body, they have to sell together, also condemned them to live the rest of my life there is no deformation of the marriage life.

they referred to as the old customs, hurt innocent girl's physical and mental health, but also for the transmission of HIV/AIDS buried under the root.Obviously, "virgin" the deformation characters, fully at the bottom, no one CARES about, no one processing.

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