xi jinping met with the president of the united states trump

Hamburg, Germany, July 8 (xinhua) (reporter LuoJun Wei Jianhua) 8, President xi jinping in Hamburg, leaders of the g20 summit meeting with the President of the United States after trump, sino-us relations and major international and regional issues of common concern an in-depth exchange of views.

xi jinping pointed out that since the sea lake farm meeting, the two sides work team according to the consensus that the two heads of state, promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various fields to achieve new progress.The next stage, the two sides should make joint efforts to firmly grasp the direction of china-us relations, mutual respect and mutual benefit, expand pragmatic cooperation in all areas, strengthen coordination in international and regional issues, promote the healthy and stable development of china-us relations.

the two heads of state agreed to maintain high-level close contacts, enhance mutual strategic mutual trust.Both sides agreed in the first round of comprehensive economic dialogue was held in July 19, and will be held in the near future in the first round of law enforcement and network security dialogue, social, and cultural dialogue.The two sides will give full play to their role as the four high-level dialogue, enhance mutual understanding, promote pragmatic cooperation.

xi jinping pointed out that the economic cooperation of China and the United States one hundred day plan has made important progress, the two sides are about one year cooperation plan.The two sides should jointly promote the healthy and stable development of bilateral economic relations.To actively promote the law enforcement, network security, exchanges and cooperation in such fields as humanities, place.To promote the development of military relations.Defense minister visits at an early date, the two countries should jointly make us the chairman's visit to China in August, the two militaries joint staff dialogue for the first time held in November, the Chinese navy in 2018 "Pacific rim" exercises, etc.

xi stressed that the two sides should respect each other's core interests and major concerns, properly handle differences and sensitive issues.

said trump, very glad to establish a good working relationship with xi jinping, chairman.At present, the development of the us-china relationship is very good.China is the important trade partner in the United States, and have important influence in international affairs.The United States is ready to work with China to expand dialogue and cooperation in the field of each related, keep a communication and coordination on major international and regional issues.

the two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on the Korean peninsula nuclear issue.Xi stressed that China adheres to realize denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, insist on maintaining peace and stability on the Korean peninsula through dialogue and consultation, insist on solve the problem.China has repeatedly indicated his principled position, that is, the international community in violation of the UN security council resolution on north Korea, make the necessary response at the same time, to intensify efforts to promote and control situation.China reaffirmed opposed to U.S. plans for a "sade" anti-missile system in South Korea.The two heads of state agreed to continue to maintain close communication and coordination on the Korean peninsula nuclear issue.

the two sides also discussed other issues of common interest, and strengthen the coordination and cooperation under the framework of the g20.

wang huning, wang Yang, chestnut gauntlet, Yang jiechi, us secretary of state, tillerson and several cabinet members, senior White House officials attended the meeting.

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