pakistan says india in kashmir, fighting the soldiers died

Islamabad on July 16 (xinhua) 16 (reporter ji wei) the Pakistani military said that the Indian army on the same day in Kashmir and Pakistan printing line of actual control in the Pakistani military convoy near the fire, the four soldiers fall river drowned.

a military asif, director of the press and on the day of cavour said in a statement, the Pakistani military vehicles by the Indian army fire fall bloom in the river, after the car 4 soldiers drowned.At present, one of the soldier's body has been found.Cavour said that Pakistan's military attacks against troops to hit back.

cavour earlier in the day said in a news release, since this year, India in Kashmir, India near the line of actual control in violation of the cease-fire agreement has amounted to 580 times, for the past years.

he said troops in Kashmir serious violation of the cease-fire agreement, the purpose is to transfer the world of Indian Kashmir for legitimate rights and interests of the people fight the attention, and India in the local cover serious human rights abuses.He said India can fire down on civilian areas, but there will be no.

India has yet to comment on Pakistan's claim.

with India in 1947 after the partition, Pakistan and India have fought over Kashmir, two wars.In 2003, both India and Pakistan in Kashmir area on the line of actual control a cease-fire agreement.In recent years, Kashmir, the overall situation, but the conflict occurs frequently.Since this month, the two sides near the line of actual control exchange is frequent, caused many casualties.Both sides blamed the other in violation of the truce.

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