"Thad deployed behind" is emerging See how wen in Yin broken look


CCTV network news: "sade" system deployment in South Korea's regeneration.South Korea's presidential blue house on May 31, according to south Korean defense ministry may deliberately understating the four "sade" launcher for Korea's related information.The current event continuous fermentation, South Korea's presidential blue house going to investigate this.It also makes the contradiction between the blue house and the department of defense into the open.

in the afternoon of May 31st in Yin meets American democratic senator dick durbin, said the survey is purely internal measures, South Korea, is not to change the previous government decision, also is not to release the other signals.That article on the Yin said "internal" actually how to understand?

article in Yin (image source network)

look from time, this 4" sade "launch car is arrive in South Korea before the new President and the new government came to power.Some analysts pointed out that in early may, South Korea's President, before the election, the conservative forces such as military had predicted this camp candidates elected possibility is very low, so to accelerate the pace to deploy "sade" system.

it is reported that South Korea has a very stubborn conservative forces, the military is the representative, the forces that South Korea's military is intimately involved with the United States.Analysts say that "sade" is actually a nail into the south Korean government military , convenient they on domestic political balance of power in the future to do some actions.

air overlooking" sade "(image source network)

things after exposure, defense minister less are summed up in the blue house immediately a former national security room for Mr. Kim to investigate.But yonhap news agency that the presidential palace to investigate the depth and breadth of possible than in anticipation, survey is also likely to park geun-hye government foreign security of the whole team, all the standing committee of the national security committee, including foreign minister Yin Bing ii, the usfk firewire deployment "sade", then the acting President of shamanism Ann may be survey.Yonhap analysis said that the blue house is likely to take this to the personnel adjustment, the defense department is a personnel earthquake could erupt.

Korean civil society defense in front of the protest

for South Korea's defense ministry will "sade" secret into South Korea, caused a public antipathy.On May 31 afternoon local time, Korean folk the saad group protest in front of the department of defense, condemned the behavior, the department of defense and asked the government to investigate the truth.Protesters say without the consent of the people, not to the new government report clearly, "sade" into South Korea itself is invalid, the "sade" should withdraw in the United States.

data figure: south koreans protest deployment thad

China" sade "deployment to submit on

according to investigate required on South Korea's President, wen in Yin" sade "launcher secret arrived in Korea, in the afternoon on June 1, the Chinese foreign ministry regular press conference, spokesman HuaChunYing reiterate China's position.HuaChunYing says U.S. plans for a "sade" system in South Korea serious damage to China's strategic security interests, destroy the region's strategic balance, not the goal of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and regional peace and stability, with dialogue and consultation of the effort to solve the problem, China is firmly opposed.We have already made representations to the south, show deep concern and solemn position, strongly urged South Korea to immediately stop and cancel the deployment "sade" system.

Russia would not allow the deployment in South Korea "sade"

on June 1, Russian President vladimir putin in st Petersburg, said the United States expanded missile defense system in Europe and far east will lead to an arms race, Russia will not sit back action in the United States, including the deployment of "sade" anti-missile system in Korea.Mr Putin says, if north Korea announced plans to stop all nuclear tests and missile tomorrow, the United States in May also be other reasons to continue to build anti-missile systems, or, as in Europe, now completely without any reason.Russia must want to consider this.

international expert commentary said "sade" behind the deployment of South Korea has surfaced, the truth also is not far off.On the current information Han Guowen in Yin government don't understand "sade" deployment of the actual situation, not transfer aspects of communication, but some people intentionally conceals the key information.We see that in the process of pushing the whole "sade" deployment, "abnormal" is a keyword.First it deployment reason is not normal, claimed that the United States and South Korea deployed "sade" is for South Korea's security, stationed in safety, but the rhetoric is not accepted by everyone."Sade" does not guarantee the safety of the south Korean capital, even this kind of situation is to let the neighboring countries to "sade" deployment.Second, "sade" deployment process of the whole is a hurried, abnormal state of former south Korean government to uncooked rice to cook mature rice, even taken around South Korea's parliament and a series of "sade" deploy necessary formalities as soon as possible so that had to be suspicious.With the exposure to the relevant evidence, "sade" deployment of the truth will be exposed.

article in Yin is now, because he needs to concern to the interests of all parties concerned.Wen said in Yin to China came to power, out of goodwill, he knew "sade" which deployment is a thorn between in China and South Korea, he wanted to take some measures to change this unfavorable to the situation of China and South Korea have friendly exchanges.Wen in him may not, however, don't care about the attitude, the appeals of the south koreans also have to consider at the same time, the new President was he ever encountered the double pressure of home and abroad, believe in everyone's eyes are closely watching him, see how he solved this mess!

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