Media: "area along the" cooperation between China and Russia to European loss

Germany weser messenger newspaper website published on May 17th, matias Feng Huofen topic of the article, "on the way of to Europe and Asia, the internal market", said many German companies are looking forward to the new silk road to further deepening bilateral economic relationship.At the same time, China's growing investment in central Asia and eastern Europe, which led to goods and investment in the future China will dominate the local market.

the article said that in 2013 China put forward the "area" initiative.Given its between Europe and the ancient silk road, it is called the new silk road.In recent years has been back and forth freight trains in chongqing and Europe's largest inland ports between duisburg.Besides hamburger, leipzig, and nuremberg also have regular train bound for China.

in addition to Germany, Russia is also one of the key state of the plan.It's the largest passes through the silk road transit countries.Russia's plan to support China from the beginning.Meanwhile, the bilateral trade growth.In the past few years, China replaced Germany as Russia's largest trading partner.

the article said that Russian President vladimir putin recently attended the "area" was held in Beijing international cooperation peak BBS, it shows that Mr Putin wants to consolidate China's alliance with Russia.China is also very value of the two countries close to each other, as Chinese officials have made it clear that: "the china-russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination is in the best level in history."

the article said, the two countries have common interests in central Asia, especially in the area of economic development, the fight against islamist extremism and curb the influence of the United States and the European Union, etc.

the article said, Eurasia although there are some obstacles, but are becoming more solidarity.And the German politicians is still waiting to see.Berlin and Brussels doubts about China's plans.

the article, according to the standard in Beijing carried through and recognition in the international trade - to worry a lot.However, there are the danger: Europe lost its influence to the development of the silk road project.China refuses to budge in hold consultations with the eu, it shows that Beijing is not only know its economic strength, the attraction of the silk road is clear.

the article said, in order to let the boom will not pass with Germany, if German chancellor Angela merkel in Beijing to participate in the BBS might be better.Where she can also learn about the state of north rhine-westphalia's election results.

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