The Japanese media said date "high school" is a disguised form prostitution: people think that this is not a problem

the media said, high school dating?In many parts of the world it is no big deal, but in Japan, this means something completely different.

according to the Washington post web site on May 16, in this case, the "high school" dating young girl dressed in school uniforms and age 40 to 50 years old even bigger man dating, this actually means money.

sometimes, dating is walking in the street, or to the pub for a drink.But more often, dating involves sex - its another name is "child prostitution".

in Tokyo's akihabara subculture "cafe" AKB high school, a 30 - year - old man sitting on a wooden desk said, "and the girls to chat easily.A 17 year old girl in uniform to the man and his with a disturbance to the beer, then will deny it to them.Both of them are declined to give his name.

he said: "in fact we have recently found that ordinary bar is a little boring, I'm tired of ordinary bar filled with older woman."

they admit that school is an important part of the appeal.He more than 40 years old friend said: "they seemed so lovely. School uniform makes them look more lovely in fact for several times."

this is Japan not very glorious "JK" or "high school dating industry."In Japanese (" Joshi kosei "to" high school girls ", the word of the acronym in English is often used to describe the industry in Japan.)

according to the report, although some of this coffee shop is relatively "clean" - those who hire high-school girl cafe must be closed before 10 o 'clock in the evening, which means that the men back to his wife's time is not too late - but there is a big part of is not the case.

the so-called "dating" high school there are varying degrees of forms, including underage girls as a waitress in the cafe, and "peep show", namely the high school girls dressed in school uniforms, sitting behind a one-way mirror, according to the requirements of customers to pose all sorts of attitude.There is a kind of form is "tour guide", the girl and the man walking, walking eventually tend to end up with some form of sexual services, and then there is the most direct "aid communication", namely, in exchange of money.

Osaka university professor of sociology and gender studies said MouTian and travelling, taboo elements make the girl dressed in school uniforms for men is extremely attractive.She said: "Japan is a patriarchal society, in the society have a state of mind, that is, a seemingly innocent young people more precious, and more attractive."

the state department in its recently released report on the state of the international human rights expressed concern about Japan's child exploitation phenomenon, called "aid communication", in particular, provides the convenience sex trafficking.

although Japan's commitment to age (refers to can get married or have sex, and does not violate the law of the minimum age) in accordance with the law is 13 years old, but in most areas of local laws and regulations will be up to the age 18.

in recent years, in order to curb this kind of "business" of the development of all parties have made some efforts, but with little success, partly because of the very few some people think that this is a problem.

in order to "high school girl photo" series of photographs taken famously qingshan yu qi said, in his view, this is just a business.

he said: "men want to get along with female high school students, the girl want to make money."

from nonprofit "bond plan" tachibana pure is one of the people want to make some attempts, it seeks to let the girl leave the streets, to prevent its business into a "JK".

pure tachibana said: "there are some girls was in trouble, they may come from a poor family, or perhaps suffered sexual abuse at home, they found life very difficult. Some people say that they feel very lonely, want to go to dead, want to disappear from the world. The girls usually have no place, so they entered the industry" JK "."

feminists believe that this kind of business is a child prostitution.

said sociologist MouTian and travelling, although ordinary Japanese people think that the industry eccentric, but they tend to put the blame on the girls.Pregnant female high school students usually were expelled from school.

she said: "they think it's all because of the existence of those bad girl. A lot of people think this is the girl's problem, not of men."

as a result, when the relevant departments to discuss how to curb this phenomenon, they tend to put forward such as impose a curfew on the girl, rather than punishment and high school students have sex with men.

in recent years, the government strengthened slightly regulatory measures to eliminate the phenomenon of sexual exploitation.In 2014 the government banned girl in "female high school students" shop to work, but there are a lot of people still doing it.

"bond plan" said tachibana pure, legislation doesn't solve the problem.She said: "these girls are just kids, they are suffering from sexual exploitation. Tougher rules will only these activities to the underground, this may make the girls, in fact the situation more dangerous."(compile/zhang Lin)


data image: akihabara in Tokyo a dressed in a maid's outfit and a coffee shop employee talks to her in the street.(ap)

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