She married, 39, a 64 - year - old French President?The couple more progressive than they are in China!


France's new President jin marolon, gentle and polite high levels in appearance,

now international refresh.

a lot of French people actually cannot distinguish each candidate for President,

but still decisive vote for him.

the vote for the love they handle,

more accurately, is cast for the choice of love his ability and perseverance.

you might say, the French, is romantic...

but I tell you, in our China,

there are also such a shocking couple.

she married, 39, a 64 - year - old French President? The couple more progressive than they are in China!

the wife is 14 years older than her husband,

the man not married,

and the woman with three children!

more specs, when they got married in 1969,

when countries are still in the cultural revolution of the storm,

in an extreme conservative and suppress the human nature of climate,

it is conceivable that wait for their will is what kind of storm.

the couple, is Yang jie and Wang Chongqiu.

maybe you are not familiar with these two names,

but you must have seen the 86 version of "journey to the west".

this year after year, month,

from the CCTV broadcast to the local level, from sowing to god for winter and summer vacation, at ordinary times

are TV ratings, play rate,

it is the most profound collective memory generation,

once even central government leaders to visit abroad, gift only "journey to the west".

a play the screen on the 30 years, its director is Yang jie,

it's a film camera and Wang Chongqiu.

get to know each other, Yang jie is a television drama director,

because character uprightness,

her a few times was almost hit into counter-revolutionary,

she never participates in a group, a loner,

young people only just arrived from hardwork Wang Chongqiu chatting with her.

those non-mainstream ideas of Yang jie, he can understand,

these dangerous complaints of Yang jie, he feel the same way.

their dealings, nature has attracted the attention of others,

wagging nature is inevitable, even blamed, abuse,

even organizations have to persuade them not to continue this relationship "evil".

Yang jie once also very shaken,

age difference so big, can be happy in the future?

but Wang Chongqiu very firmly, whose advice doesn't shake him!

so, well,

even if it is wrong, also know!What makes them dominate our fate?

two people simply vigorously talked about love,

deliberately called out each other's names and like to play, go out together...

once, they eat noodles in the dormitory,

a sudden flood in a pile of the rebel,

high-handed, pushing and shoving the Wang Chongqiu away.

Yang Jieyuan thought he'd be afraid, will convergence,

I didn't think the second day early in the morning, Wang Chongqiu again.

Yang jie finally determined, and thus, get married!

New Year's eve, Wang Chongqiu held their old box and bedroll,

two people even kept the marriage knot.

the second day early in the morning, a knock at the door,

the door a look, and "happy New Year" is the neighborhood committees, Boyle

they can plausibly said: someone impeach, you people stay here!

Yang jie, is the marriage certificate to their in front a clap!

read and reread them carefully, and finally it Yang jie,

the expression on her face, how much more ugly ugly.

when they go out, Yang jie loudly say:

"later need not trouble!"

is so cool.

at the time, around a lot of people waiting to see their jokes,

looked at it said, the couple must not last five years.

in fact, two people through nearly 50 years of ups and downs,

not only support each other in life,

is the bosom friend on the business.

a westward journey, is their love of verification.

she married, 39, a 64 - year - old French President? The couple more progressive than they are in China!

"journey to the west", took a lot of back and forth version,

but in the eyes of the audience the most classic,

Yang jie is always 86 version of the west.

this movie still looks but now,

at the time of the concept and conditions, can be said to be fairly new.

maybe, to obtain buddhist scriptures such a story,

must be stick to a tree-trunk, that flesh and blood,

to put it in place.

at the beginning, see Japan clap a spoof of the westward journey,

CCTV, Chinese people should to take their own classic,

leadership Yang jie asked: "do you dare to dare not making the journey to the west?"

Yang jie said: "as long as rich, have what can't!"

preparations, a variety of Suggestions to the crew coming in,

if you listen to them, it is a pot of odor bag!

swagger of Yang jie and screenwriter, set the tone: faithful to the original, slow to renovation,

and magical, romantic, want to have the milk of human kindness!

Yang jie version of "journey to the west" in a lot of things are pioneering.

the sun wukong modelling of such as it, now has become a classic,

you can feel, the Monkey King from ancient should be like this.

but the mainstream opinion at that time, is must print the face like the Peking Opera,

Yang jie, she insisted on a photograph beautiful monkey sun wukong.

she married, 39, a 64 - year - old French President? The couple more progressive than they are in China!

"journey to the west" song you must be a first impression:

chirp, knocked, diu diu...

with the song "cloud GongXunYin", Monkey King from the rock burst was born,

each heart is joy in front of the TV to go up into the air!

but this piece was serious opposition from many pundits and leadership --

is too new, not enough nationalization.Should learn from the "four generations"!

theme song "dared ask road in where?- too soft lyric!

all in all, the composition!

Yang jie for this attitude is distinct: "since I'm in charge of the, please don't interfere!"

China didn't make the air precedent,

Yang jie comes up with a bold idea - to go to Hong Kong's stealing!

with a crew in jin yong's drama on the set, she secretly photographed,

and then return home to find materials,

wei's first pioneered the domestic film and television.

choose a scene to go out, Yang guide was almost falling off a cliff,

tianma's pictures, a large number of army made for cast and frightened

guide with the cast, Yang savage let-down ran away just dodged a bullet.

it is hard to imagine that this is a once a female director,

want to know, she had cut away four and a half ribs,

arms also with the doctor's advice: "permanent free manual labor......"

she married, 39, a 64 - year - old French President? The couple more progressive than they are in China!

at the scene of the journey to the west film

this drama, there are also Wang Chongqiu prehistorical powers,

said that soil wei, danger,

there is a direct fell more than 170 catties of sand monk,

is the camera directly Wang Chongqiu head, smashed the he fainted on the spot!

a heavy camera, he carried for six years,

also special love to find a way to study, lovely conditions also want to clap a tsundere effect.

such as goku is magic spells to get very dizzy,

he let others for himself in the wu is empty head, constantly and reverse, the wu is empty

results every time made himself to dizzy for a long, long time...

was saying was bot stings infection,

cause got no cure vitiligo.

a lot of people will doubt, partners may begin with less can the danger,

the end of his life, but it's hard to die well?

the French presidential couple temporarily can't answer that question,

but Yang guide can be husband and wife.

the couple, as of the model.

Wang Chongqiu had become a master cameraman,

has always put wife first.

Yang jie in poor health, he is the contract all the household chores,

reporter to interview, Yang he always cheerfully sitting next to listen to,

concerns and worship eyes, shining with the light of Blingbling.

Yang jie was seriously ill, just don't have my children,

Wang Chongqiu before and after running,

the fear of lost love, never ask for him,

opening to television leadership,

even crying in public.

it's a long night, he sat on the bench outside the room alone bitter,

one thousand and they were afraid that love had an accident, he is not around...

director Yang jie this year on April 15, has gone from us.

a trumpet ", this a few words to describe their couple is the most suitable:

you pick a bear, I the horse,

sunrise off sunset.

dared ask where is road, road in the feet......

choose a man die,

as long as the trust each other, the tacit understanding,

crazy for the same interest,

is mo ask rob is edge.

maybe, this is the true through emotional world.

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