The Iranian election | conservatives use "economic diplomacy" Dui haney, mean for China

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ibrahim leahy and hani (right)

now, hani polls ahead, all aspects of the observers agree that he is more likely to win.At the same time, ayatollah ruhollah khomeini's grandson sayyid hassan khamenei also on May 16, through a period of video, expressed support for hani lu.In the video, sayyid imam khomeini called on the Iranian people to unite and trust lu hani.He also said in the video, hani lu government over the past four years, has made great achievements in the economic sphere.In the previous day, former President mohammad khatami also via video, expressed his support for hani lu.

on May 17th, Mr Khamenei has delivered a speech.Although according to political tradition, he did not directly express his attitude towards any candidate.But, in his speech, he said, "look at today we the other countries in this region, you can find any one piece of land not in deep unease mire? Just in the middle of the country that is full of instability and uncertainty, the islamic republic of Iran is under the environment of peace and security, to a general election."He also said that this kind of peaceful and stable environment is priceless.This gesture, is undoubtedly of the hani lu government affairs and diplomatic achievement a sure.

in the candidate's recent three televised debates, the main concern of the topic is still a national economic development.Different from the last presidential election, in 2013.Discussed that election, a candidate at the core of the problem in addition to foreign policy, is the problem the nuclear talks.This year on May 5, broadcast television debate, diplomatic problems just as the subsidiary issue domestic policy and cultural problems are mentioned.

of course, this is likely to be the strategic choice in the process of campaign.Because in the past four years, the incumbent President hassan haney did lu in foreign affairs has achieved significant results.And five other major competitors, especially from the battle cleric, imam ibrahim leahy of the alliance, and joint from islamic party mustafa mir - salim, basically all have nothing to talk about problems of foreign experience.On May 15, especially in Tehran mayor mohammad bargh, djali bargh, and instead support leahy, according to the discussion of foreign policy, is more focused on the economy.

however, we also need to pay attention to, as lu haney's main rival, leahy said economic problems, mainly for the so-called "resistance". "against economy" is Iran's supreme leader, ayatollah ali khamenei, in August 2012 in the first time to speak about a concept.It stressed that in Iran suffered for years under the condition of western sanctions, economic development should pay attention to self-reliance, get rid of the dependence on foreign imports., ayatollah ali khamenei, will the economic view interpreted as an important component part of the traditional islamic economy, and that this is the result of islamic culture and the revolution in the traditional concept of development, will be imposed on Iran to help win the west over the heads of the people's economic war.

in terms of foreign trade, in which is dominated by the "rebellion" thought, Iran wants to be able to from the export of raw materials (mainly oil), turned to exports of refined oil products, petrochemical products have certain technical content of processed products. at the same time also hope to be able to promote self-sufficiency in domestic products of the people's livelihood, strengthen and develop the market ties with neighboring countries. in April 2013, a labor representatives meeting with Iran, ayatollah ali khamenei, further, that kind of imposed on Iran's eastern and western economic theory of blind trust, is extremely harmful to the development of Iran.In fact, early in the hani lu his presidency, said to the "rebellion" thought system, and in Iran's economy policy under the guidance of this thinking, Iran's economic structure.Broadcast on May 15, although, in the recent election debate, withdrawal and to support the conservative candidate leahy djali bargh put forward "in economic diplomacy" priority, is to let the ministry of foreign affairs will be "against the economic problem in the first place."However, this idea, from the ideological essence, not how much challenge Iran's existing policy.

at present, Patrick leahy in foreign criticism of lu haney, mainly concentrated in the p5 and Germany 2015 Iran and the United Nations signed the UN Comprehensive Action Plan (to be Comprehensive Plan of Action).In leahy's campaign, one of the important diplomatic advisor is Iran's nuclear talks between 2007 and 2013 the chief negotiators sayyid djali.Leahy stressed that if there is no "power diplomacy", then all "economic diplomacy" is impossible.The hani lu government's weakness, that he is unlikely to have any as in terms of economic diplomacy.And in the face of a weak Iran, western countries nature also never cashed in "UN comprehensive action plan" of nuclear capability for the assurance of sanctions.

in other words, the conservative idea of "economic diplomacy", is based on "rebellion", seeks to Iran's comprehensive economic independent diplomacy. the purpose, it is hope that through with surrounding non-western countries' trade, to take the initiative to relieve pressure of western economic sanctions, and don't want to exchange of national nuclear power at the expense of policy ideas.

in the hani lu of the government's policy, or conservative in this vision, China can be as a non-western power, and the hegemony of existence. and China during the cold war under the condition of economic sanctions by the United States, the independent development of the political practice of self-reliance, can also with Iran today under the "resistance" concept put forward a series of policy planning.This may well be the future in China all the way "area" environment, with Iran to construct regional economic community cooperation, create a new international order equal discourse provides the basis.As a result, the as long as we adhere to the principle of consistent diplomatic tradition and the new China, so the conservative victory, hani lu was elected, continuity in the Iran's policy toward China is predictable.

(the author is British Exeter super-large economist, an assistant professor in the college of arts)

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