The UN security council denounced the north Korean missile launch Request not to conduct a nuclear test

China news agency, the United Nations, April 20 (Reuters) 20, the UN security council issued a press statement, strongly condemning north Korea fired ballistic missiles by activity, demanding that north Korea is no longer a nuclear test., the statement said the security council will, in accordance with the previously expressed determination to continue monitoring the situation closely, and take further significant measures, including sanctions.

a statement saying that north Korea's recent missile activity seriously influenced the stability of the peninsula, blatantly violate the provisions of the relevant security council resolutions international obligations, the security council members feel extreme anxiety.Security council demands further action in light of north Korea to immediately stop violation of security council resolution, fully perform the obligations specified in the resolution.

the statement stressed that the activities of illegal north Korean missile launches are pushing the development of the country's nuclear weapons delivery systems, greatly heightened tensions in the region.Security council more regret is that the people's livelihood unmet demand in north Korea, north Korea is still in the resource to develop ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

, the statement said the security council members stressed that north Korea is highly necessary to immediately expressed on the sincerity of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula to ease tension in the peninsula and the surrounding areas.Therefore, the security council demanding that north Korea is no longer a nuclear test.Security council members strongly calls for all member states to speed up efforts to fully implement the UN security council measures against north Korea, especially (2016) no. 2016 and resolution 2016 (2016), have put forward comprehensive measures.

statement reiterated that the maintenance of the Korean peninsula and the importance of the peace and stability in northeast Asia, said to through peaceful, diplomatic and political means to solve the problem.

security council resolution 2016 (2016), and resolution 2016 (2016) in March 2016, respectively, and 11 menstrual security council vote to pass it.The two resolutions condemning north Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, puts forward some specific measures to a series of sanctions against north Korea, including a ban on imports and exports to north Korea on natural resources, such as coal, rare earth, it is forbidden for any north Korean nationals abroad for senior physics, computer science, geography, space navigation, professional training in the field of nuclear engineering, aerospace engineering, etc, etc.

since this year, north Korea has conducted five missile launch and one rocket engine ignition test.North Korea is in the launch of the latest activities on April 16, ended in failure.The United Nations security council has repeatedly negotiating the issue of north Korea, and its emission behavior.(finish)

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