Foreign media: the reputation of Chinese efforts to ease the situation was "effective"

reference news network reported on April 19, , foreign media said north Korea's threat to increase the possibility of a military confrontation with the United States.China to trump the government will help ease tensions in the Korean "positive signals".Said the us will cooperate with China, if China did not succeed, that the United States will be further pressure on north Korea.

the dpa on April 17, according to a spokesman for the U.S. President's trump sent 17 said, trump has suggested this month China to take a tougher stance on Pyongyang, the proposal is "work".

he said: "China on north Korea is to play a more active role. They will be able to continue from the political and economic pressure and achieved certain results. I believe that we will continue to urged China to develop its influence in the region, in order to get better results."

acting assistant secretary of state said Dong Yun frontal 17, if north Korea to "continue to this is not conducive to stable behavior", Washington and its Allies and partners will be hand in hand for a series of alternatives ".

she said: "the United States and our Allies, China and other countries in the world of the common goal is still the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula."

on April 17, USA today website published titled "the United States:" positive signals "shows that China will help ease tensions in the Korean" the article said, the U.S. state department said on the 17th, to trump the Chinese government issued the "positive signals".

"we received many positive signals from China, but also need time," the acting assistant secretary of state for east Asian and Pacific affairs Dong Yun petticoats said in a conference call with reporters, "you can't determine whether the economic pressure will play a role, until it really play a role."

the article, according to American diplomats later this month will meet with China, as well as officials from the Allies, discuss the plan.If China did not succeed, that America will be further pressure on north Korea.

"we will look at the Chinese do," she said, "we will work closely with China to see if they will do more. If they don't cooperate, we will change the strategy, yourself to do more."

Dong Yun petticoats, said the United States did not want to pre-emptive strike, or regime change in north Korea, but to find some signal from changeful, Kim jong UN - is a sign that his government is willing to abide by the relevant to abandon development and testing of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile can hit the United States international commitments.

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