"Carl Vinson" exactly?The parties are contentious

Beijing, April 19 (xinhua) comprehensive report, the defense department official said that in order to put pressure on north Korea, the United States sent "Carl Vinson" (CVN70) nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in waters off Australia's north west at present, next week is expected to arrive in waters off the Korean peninsula, with the release of information, there is a big error before the United States department of defense controversial.

according to south Korean "Asia's economic" report, 8th of this month, the U.S. Pacific command commander Harris first published the "Carl Vinson" will re-enter the message on the waters of the Korean peninsula, said it had ordered the "Carl Vinson" from Singapore move north, into the western Pacific.

at the time, the Pacific command, said" Carl Vinson "is a response to the region's" biggest threat ", is interpreted as "north Korea's nuclear threat.11 this month, America's defence secretary, James Matisse once again confirmed that the "Carl Vinson" are moving north from Singapore.

the President of the United States then trump said in an interview with the American fox business network is "we are to send a fleet, very strong."

but the Washington post and the New York times public photos are far with the defense department's explanation, the two media have said the "Carl Vinson" from Singapore, in 8, 15, arrived in the sunda strait of Indonesia between Sumatra and Java.The New York times said, "Carl Vinson" last week to participate in the Australian navy joint military exercises, to the opposite direction of the Korean peninsula.

on the 15th of this month, north Korea's" flower festival ", then pick up the American bomber "Carl Vinson" and southwest 4830 kilometers above the Korean peninsula.

18, the pentagon official told AFP, "Carl Vinson" on the day of northwest area is located in Australia, in the next 24 hours to move to the north towards the sea of Japan, the fastest also get arrived in the region next week.

based on the analysis of the current information according to the Washington post, "Carl Vinson" although is moving towards the Korean peninsula, but may be slower.Whether it is due to the route error, or deliberately confused "tactics" is not clear.

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