Flash: Korean media said the prosecution of former President park geun-hye to Sue

Beijing, April 17 (Reuters) According to yonhap news agency reported, south Korean prosecutors 17 to park geun-hye, a former President.

according to south Korean media reported earlier, south Korean prosecutors special investigation headquarters sources said Monday, prosecutors will be on 17th afternoon to park geun-hye, a former President to Sue, for in October last year began to close the door on picture of the investigation period.

on April 17, the day of election officially start or South Korea.Analysts say, given the election starting on the 17th, park geun-hye detained 19 expire, in order to park geun-hye case to minimize impact on the election, south Korean prosecutors choose to park geun-hye as early as possible, and ended up at 17.

earlier, south Korean prosecutors have been submitted to the Seoul central district court a long paper, decided that park geun-hye of abuse of power, bribery, and leak and other 13 counts.Among them, the park geun-hye suspected of bribery, totaling 86.8 billion won (about 534 million yuan).According to south Korean law, bribes were more than 100 million won for the specific law of punishing crime is aggravating, but was sentenced to life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 10 years.So the charges if deemed established, park geun-hye is likely to be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, up to 45 years.

however, park geun-hye denied that the prosecution of all charges, declared that "individual without taking bribes from a penny".

and the court will ultimately determine park geun-hye guilty, and south koreans have attention problems.The first-instance judgment results of park geun-hye probably on May 9, namely South Korea after the presidential election.

park geun-hye by public prosecution, can say it will be lasted more than five months "cronies interventions" the investigation.And her future fate, it is accompanied with prison was sentenced to an amnesty by the new President, this may depend on who can occupy the blue house in May elections.

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