United by guest incident again The couple were driven off the plane

sina U.S. stocks Message (Beijing time) 17, according to the technology of finance and economics website Business Insider reports, is at the forefront of united convictions, cast off passenger plane incident happening again on Saturday, was out of the plane is a pair of on the flight to go to the wedding couple.

the newlyweds to Houston television station KHOU, said at the time they are prepared to take united airlines flight from Houston to costa rica, she found a male passengers after the plane in the row of seats to sleep, they are assigned to occupied the whole row of seats.

out of politeness, the couple didn't want to disturb the rest of the passengers, but moved to the front rows of empty seat, is still in the economy class.The groom said: "we think it's no big deal, we did not attempt to jump into a first class, just move forward a few rows."

when they had sat down, an airline flight attendant asked whether this was their assigned seats.After get no answer, ask them to return to the original seat, even though they explained the reason for doing this.

it is not so far, instructions, when they returned to his seat, shortly after a bailiff plane, asked the couple off the plane, the reason is that they make a mess, a danger for the security of the flight and the other passengers.

the couple of KHOU television said that they also comply with this requirement, but feel the whole thing is very bad."We really think that united airlines customer service level in decline, their handling of the matter was ridiculous."

however, united airlines has its own version of the event said the couple had repeatedly tried to sit to upgrade, and refused to return to their assigned in accordance with the instruction of the crew of the seat."We have made contact with them, and has set up a reservation for tomorrow's flight for them."

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