Why become a trump war President?

Zhang Jingwei chahar society, senior researcher at the Chinese people's university of chongyang financial institute visiting fellow

on April 14, German Berlin daily and Australia, the Sydney morning herald reported almost same name called " trump is becoming a war President", insists he is purely for war is war, war to reveal his own proud personality.

indeed, the recent performance of trump almost crazy.In Syria, he launched the 59 tomahawk missiles;In Afghanistan, to the "mother of the bomb and nuclear bomb;He assembled carrier battle groups to waters near north Korea, from time to time, stressing the need to "solve" the north - to play!To play!To play!Has become a trump's typical label - if the U.S. to invade, trump war President was filled, and the harvest will be unpredictable consequences, bring in northeast Asia is also a mess.

trump the impression has always been " the first " the internal affairs of the President, has become a war President.This change seems to be in line with the trump of "subversion" personality traits, but more toppled his stick to the interior of the political bottom line.In fact, is the politics, the media, IT, Wall Street bosses elite combination trump became mad.

if the "good guys" Obama does not hold the Russian government intervention in the us election, if let Flynn because "and" not be dismissal, trump and Mr Putin's "double" reconciliation diplomatic drama will be staged.Unfortunately, u.s.-russian relations by Mr Obama's "heat" is becoming worse.If the two version of trump "jose limit is not the United States government and the judiciary to boycott, if replace the Obama health care bill can trump to congress by...So many if, have been turned into American society trump's frustration.Trump's home suffered a serious failure, even the administrative agency officials have yet to complete.In this situation, his massive tax cuts and infrastructure may also become utopia.Once, can trump to complete its first term are questionable.

his diplomacy is terrible.U.s.-russian relations and needless to say, he in the Asia Pacific, NATO and its Allies obsessing over security costs capitation, lead to the Allies to trump doesn't trust.He told off the support, and echo of right-wing politicians and the eu, more make ms merkel and Mr Hollande major eu politicians and trump relations soured.Angela merkel's visit to the United States handshake, means virtue into the relationship between George w. bush to the lowest point of the start of the war in Iraq.Worse, virtue still exist between exchange rate and trade disputes, it also makes trump and merkel two people each other.

the norm of the domestic and foreign affairs channel, trump found reveal its President positioning dangerous way, that is war.59 tomahawk missiles to the Syrian government, trump lun tomahawk, indeed let us hawks cheer -- think of the change of Mr Obama's Middle East inaction, let us stand in the Middle East.But also brought another trump dangerous consequences, he was in the Middle East region recklessly, may make the United States back into George w. bush's embarrassment.Is more terrible, even small bush's war in Iraq, and also has a certain legitimacy on terror.Trump is a surprise attack, let the United States and the world into a panic.In addition to Syria, he dropped to Afghanistan and a nuclear bomb is the "mother of the bomb, while the terrorists killed 36 islamic countries, but also causes serious injured.The mother of a military expert analysis, a "bomb" to "melt" more than one thousand people.

from Syria to Afghanistan, is not a simple justice, but also has a beat about the bush geopolitical purpose.The former is the challenge to Russia - create greater difficulties for u.s.-russia relations, because during the attack was in xi will - and warned China.More organized, the processing of crisis in north Korea, also straight to trump, made no secret of his worf characteristics, in addition to scare on north Korea, Syria and Afghanistan as well as America's huge aircraft carrier battle group has gathered in waters close to north Korea, caused the intense oppression towards the north.

will trump north Korea is tied and china-us relations, on the one hand, with "no matter I am alone in China" to create tension opinion, on the other hand with lifting exchange rate weapons in return for China's policy on north Korea following the rhythm of the walk.

is easier than peace, war brings scars can also be difficult to calm in the United States.From the Vietnam war to the Iraq war, the United States continuously repeating the rash mistake.Is different from the past, the President from the interior to trump the logic of war more violation of reason, he is purely for war is war, war to reveal his own proud personality.

trump's political behavior patterns, and worthy of America's elite social reflection.If the more elite society trump is the direct way, into the interior of the trump foreign behavior, the more perverse, the more the United States pushed into dangerous territory.

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