The north Korean foreign ministry: no official news release test if true is just a normal process

the Russian satellite news agency reported on April 16th, the north Korean foreign ministry on media reports that north Korea's missile tests, according to the comments and no official messages, even if the launch is true, this is just a normal process, there is no any strange place.

16 earlier, south Korean joint chiefs said, north Korea's missile tests fail.South Korean military sources pointed out that Pyongyang is trying to hamgyong south sinpo area tested missiles, missile model is unknown, but experts do not rule out it may be KN - 15 medium-range ballistic missiles.

the Russian journalist asked north Korea's foreign ministry first European division, deputy director of the north Korean missile launch failure in the morning on April 16, comment on news, which said: "someone asks, we recently held a missile launch, but wouldn't take no for an official announcement. Even if is carried out, this is normal process, aimed at improving our nuclear deterrent capability, there is no any strange. These things are not always reported in the media."

after the Russian satellite network cited Japan's NHK (NHK) reported that north Korean central television or newspaper reported 16 launch event in the morning.

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