"Reimbursing" 30 years of age, he became the President, known as the "African legend"


Joseph kabila, Dr Congo's first democratically elected President, is the son of former President RON kabila.Dr Congo, a former Belgian colony, known as the "heart" in Africa, in 1960 to obtain national independence, but after the independent political turmoil restless.In 1965, general mobutu seizure of power by a military coup, opens the 32 years of dictatorship.In order to overthrow of mobutu rule, RON kabila leading armed forces in the protracted war.

small Mr Kabila, who was born in 1971, is the son of old Mr Kabila most proud, in long-distance strikes, in battlefield, often do not forget to take him around, so accustomed to the bullets hostile environment since childhood.For fear of the son be humble worf, little kabila was father sent to Tanzania to learn cultural knowledge.After graduating from high school, the small kabila back to his father, along with his father for many years, grow up to be a good soldier, was in the army soldiers hailed as military commander "nothing".Once the fighting slow, small and kabila sent by his father to Rwanda, accepted comprehensive military training.

in 1996, when civil war reached is intense, RON kabila's army, mobutu regime to kickback, small kabila again back to his father, to become a father's right-hand man, to win the last military armband.A year later after the overthrow of mobutu government, old as Dr Congo's President kabila.Postwar new contradictions also complex, various political factions still intrigue, in order to fight the unexpected, old Mr Kabila since the former defence minister, let his son served as deputy chief of staff of the armed forces.Two years later, the old Mr Kabila 20 million-plus, promote small Mr Kabila as army chief.

although in high places, but Mr Kabila person, character calm, resolute, is seen as a mysterious" military strongman.Under the old Mr Kabila rule, Dr Congo and no new atmosphere, economic and social crisis is still serious, public confidence in the government gradually lost.Since 1998, this troubled country into civil war again, involving nine African countries and about 20 armed forces.On January 18, 2001, old Mr Kabila mysterious assassination, because of rescue invalid death.Mr Kabila reimbursing, took over the national military and political affairs from now on.

at that time, the 30-year-old young people become the focus of public opinion, for he could control the situation of suspicion.For 30 years, military life with him, after all, father than his power comes too easily, and therefore lack of terror.Moreover when the war was not interest rates, the complexity of the neighbouring relations may make Dr Congo into a new war.Small Carla than came to power, showed unusual political wisdom, actively seeking international support, force the opposition to hold peace talks with him, stabilize the situation quickly.

in 2003, Mr Kabila set up a transitional government, their stay on as President, rebel leaders, served as vice President.Since then, the troops from Dr Congo African countries, the basic end decades of civil war.Due to the small kabila contribute to domestic peace, once hailed as the "heart" African countries.In 2006, Dr Congo, multiparty presidential elections for the first time more than small kabila beat rivals, become the country's first democratically elected President since independence.In 2011, small kabila re-elected President

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