The big empty explosive 94 people killed militants

Kabul, April 15 xinhua new media special telegram (reporter lu woodlot Jiang Chao) in eastern Afghanistan on 15th nangarhar province government said in a statement that U.S. troops launched large-scale air explosive in the province killed, an extremist group "islamic country" militants has amounted to 94 people.

, 'the statement said the latest survey found that 94 "islamic state" militants killed in the explosion, including four commanders and several foreign militants.Has not yet found a civilian casualties.

the statement also said the air strikes destroyed "islamic country" huge caches, multiple bunkers, 300 meter long tunnel and a large weapons ammunition depots and other facilities.

once said in a statement, the Afghan defense ministry 14, 13 U.S. troops into the big air explosive killed at least 36 "islamic state of militants.

the big air explosive is "the mother of all bombs," said, weighing about 9.5 tons, is the American troops in the battle for the first time to use, also is used in all U.S. forces in fighting the biggest of the nuclear bomb.

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