A small country called against China, and another small African countries said he would dare to play, I will destroy it!

small west Gambia, its President yahya jammeh talks with bush said his visit to the United States, the Gambia will be in China, attack the coastal economic zone, and says the Gambia just to send about 1000 marines to curb our action can be completed.In addition, yahya jammeh also announced that he learned the method of treatment for HIV/AIDS in dream.When I heard the Gambia to send expeditionary force against China, another country not willing to, said that as long as the front foot in the Gambia, hind feet took her out.This country is benin. Gambia west faces the Atlantic ocean, with the Gambia river, east to the theory of land area, but a square kilometers, the theory of the population, barely more than one million, Vatican countries with peanut and corn as the main cash crops, and for planting, fishing for the national pillar industry, is rich in bird droppings and GuanYinTu, history was colonized by the British and French.Independence in 1970, the 1994 military coup, yahya jammeh to banish jia navarre since the term "President", management of political and military power in the country, in 2005, China's total trade with the Gambia for $125 million, $124 million of China's exports, imports from countries with okada only $1 million worth of salmon reciprocated in Africa.

the Gambia President always arrogant, absurd speech very much, include: 1985, as rescue deal has not settled, Gambia threat "three days" occupied the whole of the Soviet union. in 1995, due to the trade agreement problem breakdown, Gambia threat "to the expedition across the continent," in 2012, the Gambia threatened "to China's overall military occupation", China strongly condemns the Gambia government premature "unacceptable", but no follow-up actions. in addition, in recent years, the Gambia representatives multiple insults at the United Nations secretary general in the UN general assembly is a "fool", at the same time abuse beauty between China and Britain and France is the representative of the five permanent members "rogue, nuts". so arrogant, has only 1500000 people, its arrogance can be seen the

say next to the Gambia to destroy benin.Benin republic is located in south-central west African country, the old name of hormel (Dahomey), the former French colony, benin gulf of guinea, in the south east of Nigeria, Niger and the north border, the northwest and burkina faso are linked together, bordering west and Togo, 125 km long coastline.Across the north and south is long and narrow, narrow the wide south.The southern coastal plain of about 100 km wide.Central to an altitude of 200-200 m wave ups and downs of the plateau.Atta cora in northwest mountain 641 meters above sea level, by the national high.WeiMeiHe is the largest river.In central and northern coastal plains into a tropical rainforest climate, into a tropical grassland climate, high temperature and rainy.Benin is one of the world's least developed countries, the economy is given priority to with agriculture, abounds in palm oil.Benin's military, the army in 1960, and reorganized in 1977 as the axis, GongAnJun and militias.1990 troops "depoliticise", idf renamed "the armed forces," reserve army, navy, air force and military police system.Military service compulsory in.In 2001, land, sea and air forces around 5500 people.About 5000 people including more than 5000 army, the navy, air force, about 150 people.The national military police and police, paramilitary force of about 2500 people.Benin's President yayi said over 30 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries to China in benin huge help, without China's help, there is no benin today.Benin's President said that as long as China will form a summons benin marines 1500 army command to help China, benin army self-confidence is the most invincible army in the west African country, when heard that belong to west Africa the Gambia to send expeditionary force against mainland China, and then said that as long as the front foot in the Gambia, hind feet took him out

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