Korean President facing the absence of an emergency Acting President for the alert

Beijing, March 10 (Reuters) According to yonhap news agency reported Wednesday, South Korea's acting President shamanism Ann 10 successive deputy prime minister and economic ministry of foreign affairs and defense, administrative ZiZhiBu, chief executive on the phone, asked the alert posture.

Korean President facing the absence of an emergency Acting President asked the alert posture

one Ann

one Ann and defense minister pointed out that when on the phone less o South Korea is currently faced with the absence of the President's emergency, army should strengthen alert, maintain a foolproof security situation, defend the country and public security.At the same time, the military to korea-u.s. joint defence based on strong strength, ready to punish all the provocations.

shamanism in with administrative chief ZiZhiBu HongYunZhi when on the phone, said the social from all walks of life around the impeachment trial result differences, to pay attention to the demonstration related situation, completes the important characters such as safety protection work, to avoid an accident.At the same time, in view of the next presidential election must be held within 60 days, administrative ZiZhiBu the central government and local government must get ready, to ensure a smooth general election.

one Ann and deputy prime minister and planning the Treasury chief liu picks requirement when on the phone, pay close attention to domestic and foreign financial markets, exports and investment and the real economy, when an exception occurs to respond in a timely and effective manner.

in the end, shamanism Ann with foreign minister Yin Bing said when on the phone, should be actively to the international society the government and the United States and other Allies to maintain close cooperation in coping with the external aggression, foreign policy direction there is no change.

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