A small country, Africa is so big tone, said three days out the Soviet day out China, the United States will not be afraid


abstract: in today's world, peace and development are the theme of the era.On the international community, however, there is always such a one or a few countries for world peace is proposed.a small country, Africa is so big tone, said three days out the Soviet day out China, the United States also is not afraid of

a, small African countries Gambia manner -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have a very big

strong elder brother said today is such a country, the national land area of only 10380 square kilometers, only accounted for two-thirds of the land area of Shanxi Province.It is located in the Atlantic ocean on the west coast of western Africa, almost surrounded by Ethiopia.

Gambia is not only a small country, even the economic development is relatively backward, until now every year need China's contributions to maintain national life.There are a lot of countries around the world, through a donation to the Gambia.Such as the United States.But is a poor and backward country, the nation's tone is big very, very cow force.

2, to the Soviet union for help, claiming three days to capture the Soviet

1985, Gambia suffered serious natural disasters, serious lack of food resources for living, the people's suffering.Then request the Soviet union for help, but because some diplomatic reasons, the Soviet union did not meet the needs of the Gambia.This is the Gambia angered the people.Claim at that time: the Gambia army quashed three days can make the Soviet union, just yet, don't want to troops now!

2, stepping over the united

in 2002, because the United States from Gambia multilateral aid plan, don't get American alms gambian people angry.Angry at the United States, claiming to stepping over the United States.

three, President of the United Nations is a fool

Gambia representatives of the country, once in many public international conference, scold, the UN secretary-general, is a fool.

4, tinkering, vowed to destroy China one day.

you said you don't poor for a small country.In 2012, the Gambia, threat to China again in claim to stepping over China in one day.This is a joke.Now countries around the world, of course, is just too lazy to take reason this small country, let it in their own land with poor!!!!

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