"Kim jong-nam was killed" details emerge: died in her hand?

South Korea through, the Korean peace as usual.

north Korea late leader Kim jong-nam killed in Malaysia on 15, continues to attract much attention of the international public opinion.Malaysia 15 police announced that they arrested a 29-year-old woman female suspect.According to media reports, there is another one Vietnamese women and four men wanted.At the same time, 15, Malaysia to Kim jong-nam remains an autopsy, but the cause of death is still no formal statement.

Kim jong-nam after his death, causing global attention

Vietnamese female agents is the murderer?

according to Malaysia's "the star" reported that 13 morning, a north Korean passport, passport, called "ginger" man in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur international airport boarded a flight to macau, two women close to him to he poured unknown object.Along the way man was taken to hospital after death.14 Malaysian police officials confirmed that the media, the man is Kim jong-nam.The south Korean government said 15, the basic judgment, Kim jong-nam was killed.

9, Kim jong-nam's body in 15 from cloth city hospital transferred to the central hospital in Kuala Lumpur, the police car escorting.

15, the new straits times said in Malaysia, the police chief of horse card stand on the same day, said the police at 8 PM at the Kuala Lumpur international airport 15 arrested a Vietnam's passport, a 29-year-old woman suspects, the police surveillance video confirmed its identity through the day, when they were arrested the woman alone.Card said, investigation is ongoing, the police will be in accordance with the law to take the next step.

Malaysia 15, Oriental daily reported that the police at the same time also in pursuing the other four men and another 20 Vietnamese women suspects, the police confirmed that several people jointly organized crime event.

according to arrest female suspects confession, she was another five suspects after crime "abandoned".She also said that she and a female companion to Malaysia tourism, colleague's four men suspected tell them that just to be a "trick".15, The Daily Telegraph quoted an unnamed officer as saying in Malaysia, think the police investigation, two young women involved in Vietnam is foreign agents, but the officer refused to guess where employed by two people.

Kim jong-nam was assassinated when surveillance images.Malaysian media think monitoring woman in the picture is one of the two female agents.

the Oriental daily, according to selangor police chief abdul samak sundaravej, 15, said Kim jong-nam, conduct autopsy on the body starting at noon, preliminary post-mortem report has not yet been released.Malaysia's "the star", according to the autopsy completed on the evening of 15th, four north Korean embassy in vehicles on the 15th night out of hospital, and once was blocked by the crowd. Roman abramovich said samak sundaravej, with the Vietnamese female suspects were arrested, the police, according to the evidence will change the death case of the case from the original to the murder investigation.

Malaysia sin chew daily, 15, said ABU samak also said that day, the police has asked the north Korean authorities according to the formal procedures to receive Kim jong-nam body., he says, the Korean embassy in horse 14 sent to cloth city hospital requirements take Kim jong-nam remains, but because the body didn't for profile control resin, the police refused to their demands.

north Korea calm in "light star festival"

although "Kim jong-nam was killed," there are too many puzzles to solve, South Korea has rushed to north Korea launched a fierce attack.

prime minister of South Korea's acting President shamanism Ann

prime minister of South Korea's acting President shamanism Ann 15, in national security conference that the south Korean government thinks this event is very serious, in the highly attention related trends of north Korea. shamanism Ann also said that South Korea's foreign and security department should be cohesive forces, with the international community to strengthen sanctions on north Korea, to make the United Nations security council measures and major countries of unilateral sanctions to get effective implementation. one day Ann is on the party and government consultative conference strongly condemning north Korea recently projectile behavior, and warned north Korea said, "if you don't give up developing nuclear weapons and missile will onto the road of self-quenching".

as of the time, the United States has not been made official response, but the U.S. government sources 14 told Reuters that "the U.S. government believes that north Korean agents murdered Kim jong-nam" in Malaysia.Reported that American officials have not determine the cause of death of Kim jong-nam, the source did not provide specific evidence that can support this view.

15 north Korea as usual.16, the 75th anniversary of the anniversary of the late north Korean leader Kim jong il, is also one of the biggest festival in north Korea "light star festival".Ap said, in the coming days, figure skating, swimming and so on north Korea will celebrations, and fireworks, to hold large gatherings.15 north Korea "labor news" report on the activities to commemorate the 75th birthday of Kim jong il, such as more than 170 countries and international institutions to Kim jong il, gifts, badges, awarded the title of honor, "kimjongilia festival" opening, and the life of Kim jong il, etc. kcna news agency reported in addition to commemorate the 75th birthday of Kim jong il's activity, and publication of north Korean foreign ministry spokesman said conversation, north Korea not to accept a UN security council resolutions will be north Korea's nuclear and missile tests as "illegal", in the future will never accept a similar resolution.

peninsula could trouble?

15 lianhe zaobao of Singapore, said Kim jong-nam born in 1971 in the Soviet union, age 15 to participate in the official activities, a former north Korea national agency overseas department heads, the Korean workers' party central committee, head of the propaganda department of the state department of public safety, instructor, etc, was once seen as a succession of Kim jong il.

on May 4, 2001, Kim jong-nam to visit Japan Disney expulsion, the Japanese authorities deported.

in 2001, Kim jong-nam entry on a false passport "to go to Disneyland" Japan, after the discovery of being deported.Since then he has gradually fade out north Korea power circle, reports that he was in macau.Oriental daily, according to the police in the survey found that in the past two years, Kim jong-nam, beat up and down in Singapore, Malaysia and Macao, Hong Kong and is acting alone every time.He has an anonymous investment in Malaysia and Singapore.

Korean media thinks, if the death was confirmed as north Korea, Kim jong-nam various exchanges and cooperation in a lockout state relations will be more difficulties for north Korea.15 chosun ilbo newspaper quoted military sources said, South Korea plans to use loudspeakers to live near the inter-korean military demarcation line of north koreans and officers and soldiers killed play Kim jong-nam news, as early as 16, began to play. in August 2015, South Korea's big trumpet call, once triggered peninsula crisis, north Korea declared a "state of war".

and south Korean politics also appeared to Kim jong-nam was linked to deploy "sade" argument. are party members Liu Chengmin 15, said, "Kim jong-nam, Korean projectile was killed this two things again, South Korea's security faced a crisis. A 'thad battery can't guard Seoul, incheon, gyeonggi province, such as capital, the government can again two or three additional deployment".Yonhap news agency, said South Korea "key decisions" joint military exercises will start next month, north Korea is likely to launch "new provocation", the peninsula military tensions could upgrade again.

in response to a reporter about Kim jong-nam, when questions about the horse was killed, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman GengShuang 15 responded that China also notice the media reports, now are paying close attention to the development of the case.

15 senior expert on the Korean peninsula Xu Baokang an interview with the global times - the web reporter said, at present, Kim jong-nam's death was, all parties need to calm observation and treatment.Kim jong-nam, he argues, is "outsider" for many years, the event itself in the peninsula lift not big waves.Xu Baokang believe that after north Korea test-fired a ballistic missile, the President of the United States policy on north Korea trump exist variables when the matter, can say it is not a simple of emergencies, the conspiracy behind the hasn't been fully exposed.Now , the country is ready for deployment in the peninsula "sade", the event may have the possibility of transfer line of sight.

this newspaper commentator ChanRenPing comment about this article, the original text is as follows:

Kim jong-nam sudden death in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia airport Wednesday survey appears on the horizon.Afternoon 15th royal Malaysia police headquarters said in a statement, the police arrested a related to "the Korean man deaths" female suspects, the suspect holds a Vietnam travel documents, another 1 4 male female 5 suspects on the run.

Malaysia announced the police arrested the suspect information

there are media reports in Malaysia, the Vietnamese female suspects who claimed to be red, she come to Malaysia to take tricks video. she said she didn't know the identity of the victim, she thought that their behavior is a prank. the woman said, 6 of them back to the hotel accommodation, after the five people give up her to leave.She is back to the airport, was recognized and was caught by the police.

Kim jong-nam was killed the perpetrators as positive exposure

although there are still a lot of media "the female agent", but the a Vietnam "spy" after returning to the airport, don't do in disguise, can let people familiar with the video recognize her at a glance, and she should be regarded as one of the world's most "two" female agents.

if she isn't a spy, and really thought himself in a prank, so pull the innocent people into "political murder," and let its accurate killer role of murder, on the markings of a bloody throughout the history of human is extremely rare.The operation success rate is very difficult to guarantee, because neither of these killer loyalty, also did not skilled, the composition of "luck" is very high.

as a result, the case is likely to have new progress "accidental", they will make things context becomes clearer.Currently around it a lot of messages are contradictory to each other, and value judgment from the beginning in around it left a deep imprint in the report.

Kim jong-nam data diagram

Kim jong-nam is already out of north Korea power circle, also don't see any other real influence, his death would have not any geopolitical significance of touches.He was "assassination" was a sensation, I'm afraid is mainly for ideological reasons, and its significance to the novelty of ordinary people.

worth pointing out that so far south Korean media generally dominates the look and feel the value of the case.

Korean media first reported the matter, and give a "murder".With the exception of the Korean media reported, some south Korean politicians, including South Korea's acting President, also have a voice, "Pyongyang to command the murder" as a public assumptions and speculation, lashed out at the north of the "38th parallel" regime "brutal".

so far, only Seoul this comment.

people don't know if Seoul mastered more information related to the death of Kim jong-nam, or it has any other consideration.

let's wait for the Malaysian authorities survey results.Malaysian both geographically and politically and distances of the Korean peninsula, is neutral.For a case with the case on its soil, its investigation and conclusion most likely to be objective.Why not if Malaysia, other aspects that need to be a question mark.

(the writer is a global times commentator, the original title: the death of Kim jong-nam, new details emerge)

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