The Gambia to declare a state of emergency

Dakar January 18 (xinhua) news (reporter XingJianQiao) banjul: the Gambia President jammeh 17 in the capital banjul later in a televised speech, announced the country into a 90 - day state of emergency, the national security forces have orders to maintain order within the territory.

jammeh in the outgoing President before make a decision.Under a state of emergency, he said, all people must obey the Gambia law, it is forbidden to incite violence behavior, and aims to disrupt public order and peace also banned anyone, including president-elect barrow, was sworn in as the President of the Gambia.

jammeh said, in the Supreme Court before make a final ruling, the Gambia President election results themselves shall have the right to take relevant measures, in order to prevent the domestic constitutional crisis and a power vacuum.

he also said that the decision to declared a state of emergency is interference by foreign powers to Gambia interior as well as the independent electoral commission chairman fled to wait for a reason.

last December 2, the Gambia's election commission announced the barrow in the presidential election on December 1, won 45.54% of the vote, was elected the President of the Gambia.But jammeh said not to accept the election results, the requirement to hold a general election.Barrow in January 16 in the capital Dakar Senegal issued a statement through his spokesman, said he will be in accordance with the original plan in January 19 in banjul became President.

African national union 13, announced this month, will no longer recognize since 19 President jammeh to Gambia.

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