Observation | that China and Africa and ending fence-mending Gambia President is chosen

although many foreigners can't immediately find on the map has an area of only 11295 square kilometers and a population of 1.91 million but the republic of the Gambia, but many of them to the country's President Yahya Jammeh (Yahya Jammeh) no stranger.This not only because jammeh is comparable to Mr Qaddafi as "big mouth" Africa, had thrown "led the Gambia marines 1000 people across China (actually the Gambia national only 800 soldiers)", "in my sorcery can wipe out the ebola, asthma, and HIV/AIDS (Gambia adult HIV incidence is as high as 1.2% in the world"), such as "rhetoric", but also because he was too long when the Gambia President: as a gained independence in 1965, only 51 years old of young small west, the country has so far only produced two presidents -- -- da udaya jia navarre (Dawda Jawara, working in 1965-1994) and yahya jammeh.The latter a military coup in 1994, two years later, "the people" - yes, exactly, "returned to oneself", a few years ago as a senegalese rappers irony "people thought, I'm afraid the Gambia President jammeh is forever", for when the three term, the President of the Gambia President is 22 years with the same name, a face, people are easy to remember.

| the African observation and China relations and restored the Gambia President is chosen on the

yahya jammeh

jammeh I'm afraid I don't know Chinese Confucian "day the same way also the same" the motto, but apparently he is thinking.For all kinds of discontent and doubt, both at home and abroad in the political, economic, diplomatic, social welfare and so on various aspects of lackluster leaders confidently said "I really want to do in one billion".Shrugged off all sorts of challenges he, it was not long ago also said "Gambia people need me", "only god can let me down.He often describes himself as "talented wizard", boast "spell" the well-being of the people, and suggests that their power and status is "god".

observation | that China and Africa and restored the Gambia President is chosen on the ending

in August 2014, and the obamas jammeh couple.

power, position, of course not god: all these seizing by force, sustained by high pressure.Don't say, he said that this year's presidential election.Originally, the country's largest opposition party is united Democratic Party (UDP), in April this year, the party has been ordered to stop his activities, the party leader, after only three presidential election every pose a challenge to jammeh dahl bo ella (Ousainou Darboe) in August of this year and the other 30 colleagues jailed, along with all the while another opposition leader sandon (Solo Sandeng) more die has been fantastic.In June, Mr Jammeh modify the presidential electoral law, a presidential candidate must be paid $25000, submitted 10000 valid signature - only 500 and originally valid signatures.Election day, the elite "red beret forces sent on to the streets," the international long distance telephone and the Internet "failure", from the European Union, the economic community of west African states (Cedeao) groups such as election observers have also been rejected.

is his, not only his opponents or most international observers are sometimes think, I'm afraid that is destined for the fourth time go through the motions of the routine, announced late last year the Gambia for "of the islamic republic", has just announced his retirement from the international court jammeh last month for the fourth time elected President is a foregone conclusion: the main opposition parties are excluded, also did not get a prominent opposition leader, in addition to jammeh, candidates only 51, rookie, Adama Barrow, politics (Adama Barrow, a real estate agent and merchants of all night convenience stores in the UK) and also obscure, the Germany (Mama Kandeh), jammeh's victory, are there will be suspense?

observation | that China and Africa and restored the Gambia President is chosen on the ending

yahya jammeh election posters

however miracle happened like this.

on December 1, Gambia announced the election result, "political outsider", "six months ago still unknown" barrow, got 45.5% of the vote, more than jammeh nearly 9% (which is 36.6%, the Germany took 17.8% of the vote).Due to the Gambia round of elections, as long as a simple majority can be elected, so "sell" barrow miraculously in a rage "match fixing" stand out of the election, will become the Gambia in January third President in history, also is the first truly elected President.

the people began to worry that consistently is the "edge" jammeh will deny "lost", on December 2, jammeh speech, on the one hand, praises for his 22 years of governance performance, on the other hand, speak hesitatingly, but it is clear to recognize "original".22 years of building, seemingly impregnable, suddenly crumble, ashes.

many west Africa analyst pointed out that jammeh long tenure, originally for west African standard economic performance, social face poor Gambia, slow economic development, social progress, in international and regional issues and also because of its repeated ability to shoot from the hip without thinking and losses, although domestic opposition in high pressure surface forbear, secretly has started planning a "strike"."Event" in April after the opposition and suffered a prominent opposition leader, jammeh was "invincible" abroad, thus relax vigilance, the results of all stripes were originally fragmented opposition in crisis is indispensable, formed a temporary line is highly dynamic and appeal of the campaign team, will ultimately no political experience, but it is acceptable for the opposition of common barrow on the stage.

| the African observation and China relations and restored the Gambia President is chosen on the

the Gambia president-elect barrow,

so, always cling, heavy weight and iron jammeh, why reluctant to go, but is simply to recognize "original"?

a certain international organization, a researcher at WoMing Wormington (Jim) argue that, on the one hand, immersed in his "absolute authority", confident "lie selected will not lose" he incredibly fiasco, pose a huge psychological blow to the element from the believers, let always think "talent authority" he felt lost "mandate of heaven" and had to pay;Police, on the other hand, such as jammeh also accumulated a lot of complaints of his powerful sector, coupled with the Gambia is a small country, even the most elite "red beret forces also many people share with relatives and friends, and supporters of both sides and in the election, let jammeh" final "insurance policies are also less insurance.

| the African observation and China relations and restored the Gambia President is chosen on the

the Gambia people celebrate the Luo Sheng choose

China established diplomatic relations in 1974 and the Gambia, in 1995, ending in March 2016, just a rapprochement, even in ChengTou "king flag" of west Africa, gambian "suddenly turn hostile" and "top", and broke off diplomatic relations and resumption of the parties, are jammeh's outgoing (Gambia and latest in China after ending a rapprochement), can say, in sub-saharan Africa, the China's "foreign" fertile soil, the Gambia is one of the few "diplomatic saline-alkali land".Even so, the long era of jammeh after all have been familiar with by China, "day" suddenly changed, now the Gambia "jammeh building suddenly collapsed, how in the shortest possible time to adapt to the" jammeh after age "the situation in the Gambia, make proper policies, as soon as possible to China - the Gambia relations defined within the normal category, will be a big challenge.

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