Brazil side crash black box has found the pilot had emergency oil discharge explosion proof

Brazil side crash black box has found a pilot has an emergency oil discharge blast protection

the pilot living with their family (web screenshot)

international online features: according to the British "daily mail" reported on November 29, 29 (Beijing time) of the team of Brazil black boxes have been found in the plane crash.This will help people solve the biggest wonder: what is the reason to why a camair jet crashed on his way to Colombia?

29, a plane carrying the Brazilian serie a football team chapais kearns members plane crashed near the city of medellin in Colombia's second-largest.The latest news, according to a plane crash killing 71 people, 6 life also.

today, crash the pilot's family also told the media that should praise the pilot before the crash emptying fuel emergency measure, it was his timely response to save more lives.

it is reported that the pilot Miguel city plus (Miguel Quiroga) after found that there is an electrical fault plane, emergency emptying all the remaining fuel, so as to prevent explosion occurred after the crash.It is believed that it is this action has saved the lives of six survivors.

the pilot town in Brazil, and his wife life people lamented the death of the pilot, and says he still can keep calm in a crisis, and efforts to save the passengers life behavior is worth people to learn.

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