Want to use free WiFi math first?American restaurant cheating befuddled netizens

want to use free WiFi math? First American restaurant cheating befuddled netizen

have took a picture on the social net for help, said he wanted to use the store WiFi, want someone to help him to crack the number type.(video screenshots)

Beijing, Nov. 3 (xinhua) According to foreign media reports, with the popularity of WiFi, many restaurants, coffee shops can provide free Internet access.But Texas a Thai restaurant is a cute, customers if they want to use free WiFi, must first break a looks very complicated formulas, netizens to get to the Internet for help, "the man of god" after 4 days, still no one guessed the right answer.

it is understood that a piece of paper, posted on the wall of the restaurant, according to the WiFi password is a long list of "is dumbfounded" mathematical formula.

according to the report, looks like the formula to calculate the probability, although there are Internet users try to problem solving, but didn't succeed.

others support, it's not normal formula, and wonder whether really solution to open, also have the words to guess the Password is "Password".

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