Overseas media attention "11" god flying: China's space industry to accelerate the rise

the people in Beijing on October 18 (Reuters) spacecraft shenzhou 11 to 17, at the jiuquan satellite launch center in the morning, by a long March 2 F rocket from 11 with two astronauts successfully launched.Foreign media say this is a significant step toward the independent construction of the space station in China, China's space technology has to match that of the United States, Russia and other former aerospace powerhouses, China's space industry is on the rise.Overseas media reviewed the major events in the process of the development of China's space, said China's space can be achieved today's achievements, cannot leave the 60 years of unremitting efforts.In addition, with the synchronization of two Chinese shenzhou 11 astronauts jing haipeng and Chen Dong resume, interview and so on also become the focus of media attention abroad.

"preview" independent construction space station space technology alongside the us and Russia

overseas media attention

CNN reported in the form of video, graphic 11 shenzhou launch.

the asahi newspaper web site reported that the launch of the spacecraft shenzhou 11 alone is to be completed in 2022 China space station construction and operation of the necessary technical reserves.Although in terms of the space station, Russia and Japan to participate in the international space station (ISS) ahead, but if the test goes well, China's independent construction space station will be possible.At the same time, the launch of the spacecraft shenzhou 11 and related test also can be said to be geared to the needs of the "preview" of the construction of the space station.

the Washington post reported that China is developing the space program, designed to catch up with the United States and Russia have ability of space, and more than rivals in India and Japan in Asia.In all these countries, the space program is a source of great national pride.

CNN said, "stop the service once the international space station, China may be the only country with a permanent space station. The European astronauts is said to have in learning Chinese, but unless the U.S. policy have change, or American astronaut is unlikely to participate."(China since 2011 has been the international space station at the door, when the U.S. congress to pass a bill, for national security reasons, to ban the United States and China's space program has any contact.)

comments yonhap news agency said that at present China's space technology has to match that of the United States, Russia and other former aerospace powerhouses, the launch of the shenzhou 11 will be built for China to achieve the goal of the space station to lay the good foundation.South Korea argues that Asia's economic, the development of China's space velocity far above the United States and Russia;Until around 2020, China will become the world's aerospace business development leader.

south Korean YTN television said the Chinese are rich in the experience of manned spacecraft launch, well ahead of South Korea in space technology.In addition to build a space station, China also plans to land on Mars by 2021 to start the Mars exploration program.YTN comment, according to the rise of China's space industry is accelerating.

continuity The latest progress in China's long-term Space program

overseas media attention

American Space network (News) : Chinese manned spacecraft shenzhou eleven.

the yomiuri shimbun newspaper websites with "China's manned spacecraft launch And with Mars as the goal "issues according to the report, China's manned spacecraft launch began in 2003," shenzhou v ", this is the sixth time.In 2022 as the goal, China is busily preparing for independent development space station.The article said, "the universe power" as the goal of China, and puts forward the 2018 of the world's first detected on the surface of the moon and Mars in 2021.

the Space News (News) reported that the mission is part of China's efforts to build a permanent Space station.China hopes that the consists of several modules, but less than the international space station will be completed in early 2020.

CNN (CNN) reported that tiangong ii and its predecessor tiangong 1 is a model for China to achieve the ultimate goal.China's ultimate goal is to establish a permanent space station, 20 ton is expected to be put into orbit in 2022.

in China was reviewed in the Sydney morning herald news from the east is a launch in the development of the space of the significant events of 46 years, said China's sixth launch manned space mission, shenzhou 11, is China's space program of the latest progress in the long run.

since the launch of the manned space engineering in 1992, a new breakthrough in China's space industry continuously.From shenzhou 1 to shenzhou 11, China has successfully launched 11 shenzhou and tiangong 1 target aircraft, space lab tiangong 2.South Korean news international believes that China's space can be achieved today's achievements, cannot leave the 60 years of unremitting efforts.

focus on China's space people nor flowers applause

overseas media attention

Reuters website: shenzhou 11 before launch, Chinese astronauts jing haipeng and Chen Dong wave in front of the cameras.

BBC correspondent Stephen McDonell at the jiuquan launch center saw the launch of shenzhou 11.Spacecraft shenzhou 11, he says, by a long March 2 f rocket, which brought great pride for the whole of China.

in McDonnell's interview, the astronaut jing haipeng said: there must be some pressure, my dream is it at night.I think is not flower applause and praise, but oneself what is weak in knowledge and technology.

in South Korea "Asian economy" to "three degrees of flying apsaras" veteran "jing haipeng 50", places the sea peng has carried on the detailed report.JingHai PengSheng in 1966, presently for the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) astronaut brigade super astronaut, major general.He had participated in the shenzhou vii manned spaceship, shenzhou nine tasks, have rich experience in flight.

(Reuters) - two of the astronauts of shenzhou 11 also give attention.Reuters reported that the astronaut Chen Dong said in an interview: "the mission is a long time, the characteristics of test. Will focus on promotion of on-orbit ability to handle emergency situations and medical first aid and communal abilities and space experiment ability."Jing haipeng, Reuters said this will be a third space missions, he will serve as commander of the mission, and will spend his 50th birthday in space.

overseas media attention

overseas media attention

website with the New York times "Thumbs Up" (credit, win) a word for shenzhou 11, flying "thumb Up".

the United States to the New York times "the shenzhou liftoff, 11 open China's longest manned flight", introduces the situation of the manned spacecraft shenzhou 11.The article says, Chinese astronauts jing haipeng and Chen Dong will reside in the space lab for 30 days.This will be the Chinese astronauts have stay the longest in the space.This is China's sixth launch manned spaceship.In two days aboard the shuttle's rocket is scheduled to dock with the tiangong 2 space laboratory in space.

published in the Washington post titled "China open the longest manned flight mission, aimed at to deeper and more extensive exploration of" articles.The article says, with two astronauts on the longest manned trip, the pace of China's foray into space and a step forward.A rocket carrying two astronauts will dock with the space lab in two days, and resides in the space lab for 30 days.This is implementation in China in 2022, complete the key steps in planning the development of the space station, is a part of China's broader space program: China has confidence sent astronauts to the moon and spacecraft landing on Mars.

are mentioned in the article, after the success of the manned spacecraft shenzhou 11 launch, the Chinese President xi jinping called congratulations.Xi also encouraged said: "the era of manned spaceflight career development new situation, enables Chinese people to explore space steps have further more, to make new contributions for the construction space powers."

the ABC reported that the launch of the shenzhou 11 opens the Chinese astronauts have the longest resides in space.Is Mr Jing haipeng shenzhou 11 third space travel.The article especially mentioned that he will celebrate birthday in orbit.In the manned space mission in 2013, three Chinese astronauts spent 15 days in orbit, and dock with the tiangong 1 space laboratory.To promote China's space program is one of the Chinese government priorities, xi jinping, the chairman called for countries to build their own space power.

the Australian broadcasting corporation reported that performs the task of the spaceflight shenzhou 11 2 astronauts will work in orbit around a month, is China has the longest space flight time, toward China built the first space station around 2022 a step closer.Report stressed that China adheres to the purpose of peace, to develop the space sector.(Chang Gong Xu Xiangli Chen Korea salsa ChengShuo ChengChuYi)

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