The Philippine government forces and rebels fighting death 6 12 injured

China news agency, Manila, August 5 (reporter zhang Ming) in the southern Philippine military 5 kang post valley province with rebels fighting "new people's army", the two sides a total of six people were killed and 12 injured.

the Philippines, according to the 5 in the morning, Philippine army 10th 25th infantry division reconnaissance battalions in kang post valley province around town with a 60 heavily armed militants fighting "new people's army", the battle lasts about 45 minutes.The army has four soldiers were killed and 1 soldiers missing and wounded 12 soldiers.And respect of "new people's army" allegedly has two deaths, three people were arrested.

Philippine army infantry division spokesman ba, 10, Philippine army 4th afternoon with "new people's army" brief war in moncada about town 15 minutes, after the Philippine army launched a manhunt.5 in the morning, "new people's army" using home-made bombs and heavy weapons to attack government forces.

"new people's army" is the leadership of the communist party of the Philippines rebels, kr has with the Philippine government for more than 40 years, peace talks between the two sides in the Philippine President aquino's interruption.According to the Philippine authorities previously estimated, "new people's army" about 4000 people.

Philippine President Du Teer Trinidad and Tobago times said they would seek political group talks with fe.When he published in July in his first state of the union also had announced that the government to impose unilateral ceasefire a "new people's army", but a few days later with "new people's army" did not respond to revoke the cease-fire, on grounds of measures within prescribed time limit.

Philippine President peace affairs adviser douret gaza earlier claimed that the Philippine authorities of the leadership of "the national democratic front" in the Philippines on August 20 to 27 to re-engage in Oslo, Norway.(finish)

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