Korean "rich tour" come to an end;As being bitter, as opposed to deploy sade


the author: wang dehua

although "sarft banned Korean" is just "gossip", but a piece of south Korean media.South Korean entertainment also worried about "cultural sanctions" nervous.According to south Korean Edaily news website reported that affected by the rumors related, the major south Korean entertainment company's share price slump in 2 answer, most fell 22.9%.

in the Chinese social media, "sarft banned Korean" become a hot topic.Many people expressed his patriotic complex, said the national front no idols, national interest above all else, Korea arrangement "sade" is necessarily harm and to have been hurt.110000 people participate in events to vote according to the survey, 85.9% of netizens said support "the state administration of radio force-out Korean".

many guru entertainment figures this year, strong resistance from the mainland netizens for some political reasons. from the performing arts companies, whether from the perspective of national interest or company interest, should consider its works for some Korean artists be resisted or blocked and involvement. in order to reduce risk, must be careful with Korean artists.Korean "trip to get gold" in China came to an end.

the south Korean national daily criticism that "China's retaliatory move was excessive, does not conform to it as the second economic power in the world should have poise and mind".Talk about mind, it's funny. powers of the grace and mind, can't become a small country can literally damage power core interests.Limit, sanctions, how cannot be overemphasized.Don't expect to damage China's interests, but also can get what reward .

bed side permit others to sleep.South Korea seems to be a Chinese friend, but you from stab a knife in China, it is a friend?This is a betrayal, Chinese people hate treason.Now South Korea knife frame to our neck, also talk about what manner?Change is the United States would have a few stick dozen come over.The Cuban missile crisis when the United States is not didn't do it again.


the south Korean side sitting in China under the strain of economic trees are good for nothing but shade, side with the United States nedra wonders, ready to put a knife behind China. investment in Korean and pay, will eventually be a bullet fired at Chinese people .Any damage to the interests of the Chinese provocation, don't look for Chinese people to good for bad, don't expect to get a large number of tangible benefits from China.

"cultural sanctions" against South Korea's largest, and for China's interest.According to statistics, the so-called "Korean wave" every year to Korea created hundreds of billions of dollars of economic value, directly or indirectly hit South Korea's "soft power" at the same time, can also speed up the development of China's cultural industry, kill two birds with one stone of it.Not men and women boy and girl Korean as spiritual opium, poison is our youth.

if earnestly to persuade or a stern warning, cannot let South Korea in sade on back, so back sanctions "culture" is just the first step. if thad deployed Korean firm, that sanctions were not only the culture, but in all areas comprehensive sanctions, let Korea've hurt. a national strength is important, and dare to use their own strength is more important.Did not dare to use their own strength, he again big also can only be a stupid big .


don't put anything in the government, to do some things don't have to the government. Chinese people can tell who is our friends, who are our enemies.To our friends with beautiful wine, the enemy to have shotguns;They want to do the enemy of China, South Korea, end shotguns can blame China?

is better who tied the bell.The ball is in South Korea people own hands.Rather than deep envy fishing, retreat and netting. south Korean media and artists and accused the Chinese government did not "manners and mind", not using your own strength to go against their own government deployed "sade" .Korean is not a large number of fans and huge appeal?(wang dehua)

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