Ms merkel emergency return to Berlin is for that?


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German chancellor Angela merkel in Berlin today at the news conference, said while Germany more violent attacks in recent days, the German government will stick to refugee policy. merkel interrupt holiday back to Berlin today she reiterated German government's refugee problem position, to cope with domestic and foreign policy for the refugees.

merkel emergency return to Berlin is for that?

in just a week since July 18, Germany 4 violent attacks occurred in a row, killed 15 people, including four attackers and injured.Germany faces domestic criticism of all parties and the unprecedented political pressure.

conference, ms merkel said, must do their best to find out the truth of the violence.Angela merkel said the violence in wurzburg and Ann, Bach, broke the taboo of civilization, these attacks to make the German shocked and sad, "and some of the attackers are asylum seekers to Germany, they (behavior) more shame welcome their country".

ms merkel said, "they (the terrorists) attempts to disrupt our way of life, they will spread between different civilizations and religious background fear and hatred. We can't make these terrorists succeed."

merkel emergency return to Berlin is for that?

when asked by reporters whether to have the confidence to deal with the refugee problem, and different cultural background of ethnic groups in Germany and Europe into question, ms merkel said this is a historic task of the globalization era, and once again spoke her trademark words: "we can do it."Ms merkel said as confident as a year ago, to their immigration policies have not moved.

for the German frequent attacks, has reporter suggested in the question, ms merkel in September of last year to open the door to accept refugees in the Middle East and Africa indirectly caused the situation.German TV, two new poll shows 77% of germans fear that Germany will face a new round of terrorist attacks in the near future.At the same time, the other party to the criticism of ms merkel's refugee policy and security policy more and more.Ms merkel's ruling under pressure.

merkel emergency return to Berlin is for that?

in view of the increasing terrorist threats, merkel at a news conference put forward in the war against terrorism "program at 9 o 'clock, to safeguard national security.She said, "except organized terrorist attacks, there are a lot of suspects from the security personnel can't understand 'lone Wolf'", Germany therefore need to establish a perfect refugees censorship, more early warning system, use the bundeswehr response to terrorism, and counterterrorism exercise.

surged due to the terrorist threat, merkel busy in recent days.26 occurred yesterday, the French church could attack, sent the French President francois hollande, ms merkel condolences, emphasis on Germany and France will close ranks, shoulder to shoulder against terrorism.26, Angela merkel and US President barack Obama also discussed response to terrorism.

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