insomnia, what should eat

a lot of friends is insomnia very confused for a long time, on the one hand, dare not to eat too much medicine, lest produce adverse reactions and drug dependence;go to sleep at night, on the other hand, is really very painful, i don't know what to do.sleep quality drops greatly due to all sorts of reasons, over time the whole people become more and more, introduce a few improve insomnia small recipes, take has alleviate the effect of insomnia for a long time, and will not have any side effects, to learn together.

fritillary bulb anshen decoction prepared fresh lily lily 100 grams, wash and put in a bowl, a bowl, add egg yolks, and 300 ml water, stir evenly, add fritillary bulb right amount, add a little sugar, boil with 50 ml of water, stir again after taking after the water boiled.lily fritillary bulb anshen decoction can in one hour before sleeping to drink, can promote sleep, improve sleep quality.lily, nerves, to dry, often drinking, good for the elderly.

yangxin porridge for longan longan big jujube 10 or so, big jujube, five japonica rice 200 grams, after the wash into the rice cooker, choose the option of porridge, after about 30 minutes, porridge cooked.longan have peace of mind ning god, nature relating, puzzle for brain function, and it has big jujube fill in yiqi, nourishing blood sedative effect, longan jujube congee can not only improve sleep quality, also can iron, is a very nutritious tonic porridge, is suitable for the elderly women anemia, often insomnia friends to eat.

red jujube lotus root soup preparing lotus root 1 day, about 150 grams, wash peeled, cut into the size of the lotus root piece.put in water for 2 hours, 10 red jujube and set aside.the lotus root block into the pot boil, add rock sugar and red jujube, boil for 30 minutes.lotus root oneself has clear heat, cool blood hemostasis, yangxin, benefit the role of the spleen and stomach, often eat this soup can improve insomnia.

longan lotus porridge 50 g in longan, lotus seeds, black rice 50 grams, 100 grams of japonica rice, boiled into porridge, finally available brown sugar to taste.longan, lotus seed can promote sleep, improve sleep quality, yangxin, ning god, and the effect of spleen and kidney, the most suitable for the elderly, and people of chronic fang/article

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