nine are healers often being discarded waste

now improve living quality, make people's material life is getting better and better, so for some food you don't need a lot of people choose to lose, and in view of traditional chinese medicine, which is often lost our ordinary waste, but has the effect of body in health cure a lot of people at the time of eating peanuts will remove the posted on peanut red skin, eat an orange when choose orange winding away stripped clean, don't know these are we discard food have you don't know the amazing effect, let experts to teach you how to turn, keeping in good health care.

the phoenix dress to treat traumatic

the film inside egg shell, egg white outsourcing, traditional chinese medicine has a nice name, called"phoenix", the ancient people a lot of research on its medical value.

in the compendium of materia medica, the ancients build a lance, look sharp blade is not sharp, use the tongue licking, one not careful, the tongue will put a big hole, some even severed.mountebank encountered this kind of patient, get a eggs, make the membrane, the tongue pocket, then coated with wax.three days later, got his tongue.if you accidentally handle broke when chopping vegetables, can also be the phoenix dress is stripped off and stick on the wound down, its convergence, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects.modern research has shown, the phoenix dress is a semi-permeable membrane, can let the water molecules and small molecules through, while glucose, protein kind of macromolecule is blocked.use it to treat trauma, is to take advantage of this.

the phoenix garment internal and is also useful,"compendium of materia medica"records, the phoenix can cure chronic cough.the phoenix clothes drying, with mortar grind into powder, 1 grams per day, blunt water to drink;or add it to the front of the zhejiang bei, guava, hu, almond in decoct soup.

distracted by walnut wood kidney

once a urinary incontinence women find chen wenbo sees a doctor.western medicine diagnosis, said she was"bladder syndrome"excessive activity, when the abdominal pressure increase, such as sports or laugh, there is a small amount of urine to set view of traditional chinese medicine, urinary incontinence is the root cause of the kidney.

incontinence patients how to kidney?chen wenbo said, it is necessary to use medicine:distracted wood.the distraction, wood is the interval between two walnuts, also known as has very good in kidney gas, solid renal function.

in addition to the treatment of urinary incontinence, generally the elderly in the elderly can also distracted wood with bubble water to drink to the health care, because the elderly are more or less have the problem of insufficient kidney.some male spermatorrhea, can also use the distraction.the medicinal properties of it is very peaceful, and has the effect of convergence.

peanut skin blood

there is a riddle, is called"ma house, red curtains, inside have a white fat", the answer is that we usually eat peanuts.peanut nutritional value very high, is known as the"most valuable nuts".can be a lot of people eat fried peanut, used to put the"red curtains", which is outside the peanut red one rub off, only eat the fact, this way is very bad, want to know that red one has good health care function to human body, and medicinal herbs.

spleen and stomach, blood and stop bleeding, the effect of peanut is harmonic step-down lipid-lowering, among them"blood hemostasis"mainly depends on peanut kernel layer outside the red, chinese medicine called"peanuts".traditional chinese medicine theory is that"spleen governs the blood", qi deficiency is easily bleeding, peanut red it is able to fill the gas of the spleen and stomach, so can achieve the result of nourishing blood hemostasis.

peanut garment but also the patron saint of women.especially in the menstrual period, pregnancy, postpartum and breast-feeding women, blood loss and more nutrition consumption, peanut clothing can help keep blood, blood tonic, should often eat, eat the same time, the effect of peanut red and germinal, near;can also increase the platelet, increase the number of red cells, enhance immunity.

in tomato's spent

when people eat eggplant, often cut the tomato's down and throw away, but in the view of traditional chinese medicine, tomato, and rare medicinal materials.

eggplants itself is partial cold food, tomato, cold sex is bigger.the doctor of traditional chinese medicine, slant cold sex medicine has the effect of heat-clearing and intestinal blood under the wind, that is, hemorrhoids hematochezia, or boil, toothache, and have a fire in the body, can use tomato heat-clearing and detoxifying.if feel irritated, if home have the very fresh eggplant, can directly cut the tomato, the dish to eat, can alleviate the illness.with fresh tomato and rhizoma coptidis, cortex phellodendri, or lotus plumule fried brew soup, water to drink, can cure canker sores.

in jai are root vegetables or cooked cold prevention

the weather is fickle, cold often enters the room.onion root, parsley root, cabbage head, fennel, these are cooking"waste"that will be discarded, but at this moment will come in handy.

3-5 g onion root, parsley root 3-5 grams, cabbage head 10-15 grams, ginger 3, 5, 3 to 5 grams, fennel root decoction with 100 ml water 2 times, is their family"chen five tiger soup".this five tastes medicine, in addition to chinese cabbage head has clear heat effect, the other four flavor are xinwen medicine.xinwen medicine has the effect of nourish sweating, specifically for with fever, chills, headache, ache for the characteristics of the chill cold.autumn and winter cold is cold type more, so this medicine are symptomatic for most patients.

leaf vegetables nutrition is"treasure"

radish is rich in vitamin a, is indispensable to skin and eyes are nutrients.and carrot is rich in vitamin c, can not only prevent skin aging, prevent the formation of melanin, but also can prevent vascular aging and hardening of the arteries.leaves of dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevention and treatment of addition, its abundant calcium is also a good source of calcium.radish leaf can boil soup, practices is very simple.chop the leaves first, poach pressed in boiling water;add the egg mixture, salt, pepper and other seasoning.

celery leaves.celery leaf can provide rich in calcium and iron, is osteoporosis, iron deficiency anemia crowd good ingredients.celery leaf can complement vitamin c, vitamin e and other vitamins.when cooking celery, suggest don't choose the celery leaves, should wash the whole cooking.

tangerine pith protect vascular

when many people eat oranges, after stripped orange peel, total want to ripped the white pith from orange disc appearance.actually orange complex contains a vitamin called"ding", can make the person's blood vessels to keep normal elasticity and density, reduce the brittleness and the permeability of blood vessel walls, prevent blood capillary permeability, hypertension patients with cerebral hemorrhage and diabetic retinal hemorrhage.for people with bleeding tendency, especially has a tendency to hardening of the arteries of the old man, eat tangerine pith more help.

orange peel to protect the spleen and stomach

we finished eating oranges, at ordinary times carelessly threw the skin.actually, you throw good is blindly medicine.the fresh orange peel cut into thin strips, ventilation in order, a year later became dried tangerine or orange peel.

dried tangerine or orange peel to qi, spleen and stomach.

in making meat dishes, pot will put some dried tangerine or orange peel.more meat, easy to delay, bring about abdominal distension and indigestion, put some dried tangerine or orange peel can well solve the problem.put dried tangerine or orange peel of meat dishes will also have a special much?a plate of fried beef, put 3-5 g.

today, many people are busy social parties, big fish big meat to eat much, often indigestion, gastric bowel to bilge gas, chinese medicine called"chest often new boring".how to do?dried tangerine or orange peel and acid-insoluble ash is a pair of"best partner", dried tangerine or orange peel to 10 grams, 6 grams of frutus aurantii immaturus water decoction, can treat breast often new stuffy.someone asked, since is dried tangerine or orange peel orange peel, with fresh orange peel?chen wenbo said, fresh orange lining contains a lot of volatile oil, not suitable for medicinal, still need to use formal processing dried tangerine or orange peel.

orange nuclear alleviate dysmenorrhea

orange peel is a treasure, orange seeds, tcm term called"orange", medical value is very big also.chen wenbo said, orange nuclear colic, also can treat women dysmenorrhea.

there are a lot of girls come to menstruation, belly was cold and pain, abdomen has a cold, still have a long mouth ulcers in at the same time, this is called"were mentioned under cold".at this time can use orange nuclear.tangerine seed has the effect of qi, warm the stomach, the pain, can not only cold, and the pain.suggest using tangerine seed tea, use commonly 3-5 g.if pain is severe, can use 10 grams.

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