night after night suffer from insomnia too torture people!a dietitian to teach you: before sleeping to eat this food set his mind at to sleep a night!

sleep is a best way to take a break, can make our body, mind, soul for complete recovery.a good night's sleep, can let our big pituitary secretes hormones stimulate the cells to repair itself, also can stimulate the bone marrow to release more immune cells to maintain the immune system.

more importantly can let the brain get sufficient rest, useful for information and knowledge reserves and classified, also in favor of the correct perception of itself and external food.recently to see old friends say that they suffer from insomnia, sleep, work life was badly affected, so how to make a change, bring yourself good sleep?

1, the banana is wrapped in the peel"sleeping pills":

called wrapped in banana peel"sleeping pills", help to sleep one of the reasons is that it is a kind of food, rich in magnesium ions can be conducive to adrenal ease the tension of the body, which makes the whole body muscle relaxation, conducive to sleep.secondly can sleep smoothly important serotonin and melatonin, let sleep quality improved.

2, a glass of milk before sleeping can help sleep:

this is because the milk contains tryptophan, can promote the brain nerve cells secrete makes people sleepy neurotransmitter serotonin, conducive to the whole body and comfortable, can help sleep.for due to fatigue neurasthenia, milk was obvious role in sleep, might as well try to drink a cup of warm milk before you go to sleep.

3, walnut, black sesame seed to prevent insomnia:

walnut, black sesame seed is rich in essential fatty acids in the food, can be conducive to the neurotransmitter passing between cells, regulates sleeping and waking moment of the balance of the neurotransmitter.walnuts and beaten black sesame paste, take 15 g before you go to sleep, can help to prevent insomnia, neurasthenia, etc.

4, eat apples also helps to sleep at night:

the apple is containing the rich fructose, malic acid and rich aroma of fruit, apple peel contains rich pectin and cellulose.choose good quality apple, even the skin to eat, it is get more nutrients, 2 it is able to induce the body to produce a series of physiological and chemical reaction, can produce serotonin, thus conducive to sleep.

5, a warm cup of honey water sweet sleep:

honey has to fill in and baiyao, yiqi, ann and the detoxification effects, can also have a supplementary role in patients with hour before sleeping, take honey 25 g, dilute with warm boiled water to drink, can make blood glucose, insulin secretion, and insulin can promote the tryptophan to enter the brain, quicker drowsiness.remember to drink honey water wash teeth again after sleep, prevention of dental caries.

6, coarse grains food proper feed more:

every day in your diet conscious add 1/2~ 2/3 of whole-grain foods, such as oats, buckwheat, black rice, quinoa, etc., can complement vitamin b group, help maintain blood sugar control, alleviate the pressure of the body, mental mood to relax, to improve sleep quality.

six food easily help you have a good sleep, sleep well, good spirit, all of the good to great!

my dear friends, you have insomnia recently?you will through what ways to solve insomnia?might as well in the comment area below, share your experience of preserve one's health.

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