the effect of herbal medicine of traditional chinese medicine in the taro and function

taro also called mao of taro, taro, araceae plants.taro is rich in starch, as well as when dish, can make food to eat.according to the analysis, 2 per 100 g taro contains proteins.2 grams, fat zero.1 gram of carbohydrate 17.5 grams, carotene 0.02 mg vitamin b10.06 mg, b20.03 mg niacin 0.7 mg, vitamin c4 mg, 19 mg calcium, phosphorus, 51 mg iron 0.6 mg, 218 mg potassium, magnesium 32.6 mg.traditional chinese medicine thinks, taro, flavour ganxin, with gas filling kidney, spleen and stomach, the role of broken blood fights.all that spleen and kidney yin deficiency caused by food less thin, long flow field's stool, thirst constipation, caused by blood within the womb of addiction, scrofula swelling of appropriate food.

taro leaves smell of symplectic cool, function, sweating, swelling of diarrhoea, used to treat diarrhea, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, ulcer swollen poison, etc.,

taro stem with taro leaves, water, and spleen, detumescence, can treat diarrhea, swollen poison.

taro, flat, hemp, poisonous.suitable for the treatment of stomachache, vomiting blood, uterine prolapse and hemorrhoids and rectocele.

the stomach is difficult to absorb the calcium oxalate in taro mucus, calcium oxalate and have an indication, but has been boiled can eliminate.calcium oxalate can stimulate skin itching, so when the peel and slice, don't get mucus arm should be paid attention to.if hand itch, but just on the fire, or wipe with dao ginger juice.

【 application 】

1.diarrhea:taro 12 grams, water decoction.could add white sugar, red dysentery and brown sugar.

2.chronic nephritis:taro 1000 grams, 250 grams of brown sugar, clean and cut the taro on the pot cineration research, last mix sugar and evenly, day three times, each time take 50 g.

3.stomach pain, taro, thinly slice, mixed with sugar, morning and evening meal, secret effectively.

4.corn:cut raw taro, friction, affected part wipe for 10 minutes each time, 3 times a day.if a clean and healthy skin and cause dermatitis, with raw ginger gently scrub.

5.very hot fire wound:fresh taro mash gels.

6.psoriasis:big taro, raw garlic, mash, apply the affected area.

7.urticaria:taro stem 30~ 60 grams, rinse and deliberate with pork ribs to braise.

8.pediatric rectocele with chen wall dolly, soil water clarification, cooked taro stem, pig to eat.

9.diarrhea:taro stem, root radish, garlic, chen water decoction.

10.vomiting blood, taro spend 15 to 30 grams, braised pork.

11.uterine prolapse:taro 3~ 6 flowers, stew chen bacon.

12.crane knee winds:taro, ginger, onions, flour and mash, fried wine, package.

13.warts:fresh sliced taro lint brush.

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