inventory of qi and blood deficiency a common symptoms

qi deficiency is a lot of friends, you also know debility blood in the body lean can cause discomfort, so how to judge whether their lack of qi and blood?

inventory of qi and blood deficiency of 10 common symptoms

1, forgetfulness palpitations.heart main veins, and director of the human spirit activities, alongwith heart qi deficiency is, so often show the flustered shortness of breath, and forgetfulness.

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2, dizziness tinnitus.brain function need to rely on the qi and blood, filling and jingxie, nutrients can alternate between each other.if lack of qi and blood, go on to the leader, or kidney essence deficiency, visible dizziness tinnitus.

3, sallow complexion.taste is the source of qi and blood biochemical, spleen qi deficiency, sallow complexion without luster, feel whole body languid easily, less gas lazy words.

4, roughness of the skin.qi and blood to the human body has important role in nutrition and moisturizing skin.qi deficiency is beneath moisten the skin, characterized by dry, rough skin, dark, yellow, or without burnish, even long spot.

5, see things are dim."liver begin to understand in the eye,"dry eyes are dim, decreased vision function, and liver qi deficiency.

6, dry hair."hair for more than the blood", meaning that the growth of hair, rely on blood nourishing and"blood"upward in"gas", so when qi and blood deficiency dry hair without burnish.

7, insomnia, much dream.heart qi deficiency, the heart can not hide, liver can't hide the soul, god is often characterized by difficulty falling asleep, yi jing yi wake or more dream.

8, numbness in the hands and feet.liver storing blood, nourish the fascia of the human body, make them.if the liver qi deficiency, the limbs numbness, inconvenient flexion, even addition, fingernails and toenails are reinforced extends to the surface of the part, so the liver qi and blood deficiency, will show the onyx brittle deformation of thin, pale colour, brittle, etc.

9, menstrual quantity is little.the woman's menstrual a close relationship with qi and blood, if lack of qi and blood, often appear menstrual quantity decreases, even menstrual shut.

10, fatigue weakness."gas"as the functional activity of human viscera, gas is enough to make people keep vitality;"blood"as the muscles channels provide nutritious substance.the qi and blood biochemical pixu(spleen deficient) is not enough, so tired.

4 up diet can

1, angelica root ginger mutton soup

material:mutton 500 grams, red jujube 10, 30 grams of angelica, ginger 20 grams, 15 grams of dried tangerine or orange peel.

ingredients:rice wine 1 big spoon, white pepper, 1/2 spoon of salt in moderation.

:red jujube go nuclear, mutton cut chunk, sichuan hot(sichuan when ironing, can add a little wine and ginger);into 8 points in a pot full of water, add dried tangerine or orange peel;after the water is boiling, put all the other material, with high heat for 20 minutes, turn to low heat for 3 hours and 40 minutes,

efficacy:angelica can invigorate the circulation of blood and runchang purge, ginger can be releasing cold warm, dried tangerine or orange peel spleen wet.applicable to the qi and blood deficiency, and women dysmenorrhea patients often feel cold hand and foot.

2 astragalus, angelica chicken soup

material:250 g chicken meat, angelica 15 grams, 20 grams of astragalus.

:rinse chicken meat, sliced, chinese angelica, astragalus, wash and put together the earthen pot, add water right amount, slow fire to cook.seasoning.

efficacy:qi double repair, solid kidney essence.suitable for menstrual disease qi and blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, disease period forbids, the quantity is little and color light, weakness, shortness of breath, god much dream insomnia, dizziness lumbar acid, pale face, etc.

3, ginseng soup of big jujube

material:ginseng 10 grams, jujube 5 pieces.

practice:ginseng slice and set aside.jujube wash.set aside.ginseng in the crock pot, add water soak for half a day, increase the jujube, boil for 1 hour.

function:this soup is greatly tonifying qi and blood.apply to qi and blood deficiency, weak strain.

4, astragalus membranaceus brown sugar porridge

material:astragalus membranaceus 30 grams, 100 grams of japonica rice, 30 grams of brown sugar, dried tangerine or orange peel 6 grams.

:clean and cut to the root of remembranous milk vetch is put into the pot, add water right amount, slag decoction juice;japonica rice to wash clean, and dried tangerine or orange peel, brown sugar into the pot, add astragalus root juice, add water right amount, mature and meters.

function:this porridge is good for gas blood tonic effect, applicable to qi and blood due to weak face looks pale.(99 health network)

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