joint pain?may be associated with hyperthyroidism


joint pain?many people first reaction is to see the orthopedics, department of rheumatology, but never expected joint pain with hyperthyroidism.patients with joint pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, should check the thyroid gland.

what is jia kang?

the thyroid gland is one of the biggest endocrine gland in human body, the main function is the synthesis of thyroid hormones, regulate the body's metabolism.hyperthyroidism"jia kang"for short, is due to the synthesis of thyroid release too much thyroid hormone, cause the body hypermetabolism and sympathetic nervous excitement, causing heart palpitations, sweating, eating and then increased and weight loss.most patients are often at the same time have a sudden eye, eyelid edema, vision loss and other symptoms.

hyperthyroidism what causes the joint pain?

hyperthyroidism patients with joint pain.this pain can occur in a single joint, it can also be a few size joints are affected.


hyperthyroidism can lead to osteoporosis, and prone to fracture, this is a common cause of hyperthyroidism patients limb pain occurs.

2.hyperthyroidism storage myopathy

hyperthyroidism can cause"hyperthyroidism myopathy", show the thighs and the upper arm muscle weakness.more common than jiajian with hyperthyroidism in myopathy.however, hyperthyroidism after being controlled, myopathy can quickly better.

3.adhesive shoulder arthritis

hyperthyroidism patients prone to adhesive also shoulder arthritis, show the normal activity of shoulder joint can't.

4.periodic paralysis

hyperthyroidism patients, especially those with young men, may be"periodic at night or after a break, tired suddenly paralyzed legs, could not move.after the treatment such as fill potassium paralysis can quickly better, but later may break out repeatedly.the onset of hyperthyroidism after cure, periodic paralysis will gradually decrease, or no longer attack.

hyperthyroidism drugs can also lead to joint pain?

due to the influence of hyperthyroidism in the body is various, including skeletal system, such as can have osteoporosis, hyperplastic inflammation of bone and other skeletal system under the periosteum of the lesions, thus lead to joint pain patients.

1, at this time should be positive for the treatment of primary disease, after the hyperthyroidism control, to reduce the influence of skeletal system, joint pain will gradually ease.if the patient due to suffering from hyperthyroidism and long-term don't lie in bed all day long, and lack of exercise as a result of the action of drugs and the body itself, so there will be a joint pain feeling.and there are a few patients with joint pain may be adverse reactions caused by anti-thyroid drugs.

2, and the cause of joint pain in patients, could be at the same time accompanied by rheumatic or rheumatoid arthritis, around the shoulder joint inflammation and other diseases of the bone system.with propylthiouracil can cause autoimmune vasculitis, also can cause arthritis, identification should be paid attention to.

beijing beicheng thyroid hospital expert reminds:the human body is a complex system, a lot of diseases are not exist in isolation.if the joint and muscle pain, weakness, besides considering general rheumatology disease, need to be aware of is caused because the thyroid disease, want to keep an eye more check thyroid function.

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