shoulder pain is always suffering from the periarthritis of shoulder?doctor: error!

"i shoulder pain, comb my hair shampoo is laborious, periarthritis of shoulder and serious"of the middle-aged and old people in their 50 s and 60 s we often hear such words, periarthritis of shoulder the noun appears in people's minds have already"entrenched", but in fact it is a great myth, periarthritis of shoulder, commonly known as"frozen shoulder", as the name implies, is around the age of fifty in old people suffering from the disease account for most, but the incidence of periarthritis of shoulder is not high, only about 10% patients with shoulder pain was the real reason for periarthritis of shoulder, and the largest killer of shoulder pain is a very uncommon for ordinary disease:rotator cuff injury.

here are the popular science"rotator cuff injury", first of all tell me what is the rotator cuff, rotator cuff and rotating sleeve, it does not mean that a single organization, but is wrapped around a set of tendon complex, around the head of the humerus is ahead under the shoulder tendons, upper part of the supraspinatus tendon, the rear is tendons and small circle tendons under, we lift on the upper arm, outreach, adduction relies on the tendons, but"rotator cuff"more important purpose is to put the humerus head is fixed on the glenoid cavity, to maintain the stability of the shoulder joint and shoulder joint activity has a very important role.

so what's the performance"rotator cuff injury"?the first is the history of trauma, some patients suffered severe impact or excessive rotation, shoulder rotator cuff acute damage, and there's more long-term repeat an action, such as"masons"long-term, build by laying bricks or stones wall brick paving son fatigue cumulative damage and damage.the second about the rotator cuff injury pain, the most common site is the front of the shoulder pain, especially in the acute phase, often persistent acute stage of severe pain, symptoms is heavier than during the day and night, although chronic phase is a dull ache, or dull pain.but when the shoulder activities or carry some heavy things, the pain can significantly increase, serious damage is aggravating, acute.another important reason, rotator cuff injury limited passive activity is not obvious, even though he shout pain, but you live on his arm, outreach will not feel great resistance.

how to distinguish the periarthritis of shoulder and rotator cuff injury, said first periarthritis of shoulder, periarthritis of shoulder, there is a you don't have to treat yourself good disease is called on medicine"self-limited disease", like the flu, a lot of people say"i have a cold not to take medicine every day drink more water is good", that is our body to produce antibodies to influenza virus killed, periarthritis of shoulder is not to take medicine can heal itself, is, of course, under the guidance of doctors correct function exercise, general self-healing time not more than two years, so, our neighbours said"i periarthritis of shoulder for many years, even decades"must be wrong.the rotator cuff injury is our part above said the tendon rupture, tendon is common people said"reinforcement", jin is broken can not connect to heal itself?

therefore, rotator cuff injury, ripper often requires surgery, although rotator cuff injury sounds strange, but its treatment has been quite mature, arthroscopic shoulder(which is similar to the laparoscopic, just put the camera to the shoulder), referred to the mirror, most belong to minimally invasive surgery, minimally invasive surgery trauma is small, can also try to reduce the damage to the normal tissue, and invasive surgery than less scar, can maximum limit retains the original shoulder joint function.

shoulder pain don't self-righteous periarthritis of shoulder, normal hospital bone and joint surgery, take a look at what is, in order to get the right treatment!

(illustrated in this paper are data figure, only for reference)

(the author all dry chengde medical college affiliated hospital graduate)

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