diabetes is the most afraid of kinds of oil change quickly!this oil is the best choice

diabetes as a way of life, many people with diabetes in the usual diet, always stare at the intake of sugar, but neglected the control of oil.dietary fat control is a key link in the process of diabetes diet, same here,, the doctor is to teach people how to choose the most suitable for diabetic edible oil.

for patients with diabetes, the most afraid of the three kinds of oil palm oil

is a feature of the palm oil saturated fatty acid is more, more close to the animal fat, even healthy people, also do not recommend eating more.diabetic person eat this kind of oil, easy to increase diabetes complications, increased abdominal obesity.

coconut oil

because of coconut oil are saturated fat, the long periods in the body metabolism, easy to cause cholesterol levels, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially for people with diabetes, should eat less or do not eat this kind of oil.

animal fats

from animal fat refined oil, contain more saturated fatty acids, such as lard, butter, etc.similarly, extracted from milk butter also contains high saturated fat and calories, suggested that diabetic patients to eat less.

the 4 kinds of oil is the best choice for the

sesame oil

in the sesame oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, easily absorbed by human body, promote cholesterol metabolism, eliminate deposits on the walls of blood vessels, make blood vessels more elastic, reduce the complications of diabetes.

olive oil

olive oil contains more than 80% of the package and fatty acids and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, can increase insulin sensitivity, control blood sugar.at the same time, the olive oil to fall blood pressure, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease has good curative effect.

corn oil

in addition to rich in unsaturated fatty acid in corn oil, also rich in vitamin e, carotene, have protective effect on blood vessels.

sunflower oil

sunflower seed oil has the very high antioxidant capacity, known as the"blood vessels scavenger", the old man of the three tenors, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc., all has the very good control effect.


diabetics eat how much oil a day right?

most of the patients with diabetes daily cooking oils should be controlled in 25 to 30 grams, considering that in real life, cooking oil is difficult to accurately weighing, about it.in addition, attention should be paid to replace edible oil, to avoid long-term consumption of the same kind of oil.

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