how to relieve knee pain?relieve knee pain a tip to remember!

we all know, people walk cannot leave the knee joint, and knee if occasionally into the touch, will affect our normal walking.because it is under most of the body weight, so you must take good care at ordinary times the knee joint.however, because the elderly joints, aging, or chronic arthritis of knee pain, how to alleviate?let me teach you relieve knee pain eight tip, you must remember.

1, don't lie if someone think lying motionless, rest is the best protection for the knee joint, it would be wrong.actually they can make muscles more underdeveloped, cannot protect bones and joints, knee pain.knee pain, therefore, people also want to exercise regularly, and take a for knee will not damage, gentle exercise, such as swimming, walking, etc.

2, with exercise his knee hold things only to knee muscles and is important to build muscle, because muscle is an important supporting structure.if your muscles, your knee may be in even if the knee pain, also requires a moderate amount of exercise.muscle more strong, the joint more powerful, and more can withstand the pressure, such as walking type or gym when pressure imposed by the knee).the movement of the following is not difficult to do, and do not like the knee pain so uncomfortable.

3, rest, ice compress and leg lifts in due to minor injuries or the onset of osteoarthritis knee pain, these methods can be used to relieve:so knee rested;ice the knee joint swelling;the leg, placed in a higher position.

4, rational use of cold and hot compress 48 to 72 hours after knee joint injury, cold can reduce the swelling and alleviate pain.if at home, can be loaded in the plastic bag of ice or frozen vegetables, then put the ice bag wrapped in a towel, apply to affected area, 3~ 4 times a day, 15~ 20 minutes at a time.after 72 hours, can a hot bath or with hot towel apply is on the affected part, 3~ 4 times a day, 15~ 20 minutes at a time.

5, with latex and knead knee pain some lotion can produce heat, the heat can relieve symptoms, make you more comfortable.sometimes, after the rub, the complex on a layer of plastic film, and package, can make the brush coating agent on thermal effects.but be careful not to make skin burns or allergies.but in terms of treatment effect, and this kind of brush coated much healing power.

6, strengthening exercise the power of the targeted training can enhance muscle, and strong muscles of the knee joint to provide better support and protection.if i'm not sure what sports select, you can consult a physician or a professional addition, stretching can also achieve the same purpose, such as tai chi, yoga, etc.these sports can not only relieve stiff muscles, but also can improve the balance of the body.the games of the intensity increased knee pain, so you should avoid repeated squat, climb stairs, walk far, lift heavy objects, mountain climbing and squats aggravating the movement of knee pressure load.

7, weight control for obese people to lose weight can alleviate the pressure on the knee joint.don't need to model a slim figure, as long as you lose some weight can bring great benefits to the body.older people, however, is not an easy thing to lose here to see how the elderly health to lose weight.

8, to avoid falling generally speaking, the knee pain are more likely to fall, so as to increase the damage to the knee, so try to avoid falling.suggest you take some fall prevention measures, such as:walk auxiliary tool cane, cane, etc;installation of lighting equipment to keep the light in the dark enough;installed on the stairs and corridor armrest;taking something from a height, want to find a sturdy ladders or stool for support.

more about these methods are very practical, care for our daily knee joint have very good reference.and for people of all ages, both new old injury or arthritis, as long as according to the above 8 tip to do to relieve knee pain, to prevent and alleviate symptoms of knee pain to have a good attention to control weight at ordinary times, and appropriate exercise, make the joints become more flexible.however, once the knee pain, must be timely medical treatment, symptomatic treatment.

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