diabetes experts he shaoji: why do you say chengdu afraid ephedra jiangsu afraid afraid of aconite gypsum shanghai

the author:he shaoji(1944-2005), zitong county in sichuan province, famous scholars of traditional chinese medicine and chinese medicine clinical home.


before liberation, there was a doyen to practice medicine in chengdu, once opened three money ephedra in the party, but are kept with the pharmacy, and said, ephedra dosage is too large to eat out of the question.over,.the predecessors had to no longer open ephedra.with a large bundle of ephedra powder from his hometown to chengdu, to need, the bag into a small bag to the patient,"yaoyinzi".

in 1972, i went to chengdu for a bronchial asthma patients, with 10 grams of ephedra, unpreparedness for decades, is still by the pharmacy refused to match.although indicated solemnly,"if you have questions, by the doctors in charge,"signed again, still can't.chengdu people's fear of ephedra.


the nanjing college of traditional chinese medicine meng shujiang lecture teacher in beijing, said:jiangsu people afraid of gypsum.high fever big veins thirsty khan, is white tiger decoction of agent, because of the dosage of gypsum in the side of a patient and his family doubt, pharmacy refused to match.meng teacher was prepared by gypsum powder, mix on indigo naturalis, arrogation"secret", to encourage the patients.of course the old meng said was before liberation.


from shanghai afraid of aconite.the wish flavour, liu minshu muckraking sichuan, such as a doctor, is to make the best use of the reputation of lateral in shanghai, i wish mr.has a"wish of aconite"nickname.wish to treat fever, although all coke hot lip color, still pushing for use of aconite, yang did not to cover disease and heart already tired.

name xu xiaopu good at nourishing yin, sons were died of fever.one, a son and sick fever is not retreated, necessity, please to consultation, wish is prescribing, lateral root of aconite after incredibly hot back, god is ready.chapter time and mr so said zhushi medicine"terminating", who naturally to the heart of the fold.today shanghai hsu pediatric use of aconite, all wish ccba former given also.

mr liu minshu monk huizong stomach bleeding, micro pulse, were in a coma, and the first to prevent blood transfusions, western medicine, following the prescribing five money with one or two lateral root of aconite, dried ginger, dried rehmannia root, donkey-hide gelatin, with white and, fulong liver, the blossom stone, liquorice, yunnan baiyao, after three days of blood.however custom wind flow, extremely difficult to reverse, two male long skill, for the hollow silence, and libel.chapter at a time when only you know of, male, chun-hua jiang 2 mr.

ephedra, gypsum, monkshood, although both fierce welding of the medicine, but with his bluff, if really effect fu drum.a lot of examples, through the ages.actually what is limited to this three ingredients, all drugs, when use, improper use, when up to the doctor, of course also shall be the responsibility of the doctor.patients suspected of, is confused by rumors;pharmacy refused to match, then makes no sense to speak of.but its authors, and must be a doctor, and must be mingchongyishi, in its narrow, hence to what is done cannot be undone.

with ye tianshi, wang mengying with radix bupleuri, radix puerariae, for example, less ye tianshi xu ling tire said"lifetime with radix bupleuri", but he treat malaria without radix bupleuri, avoid is used a chai ge warm disease, it is true."hijacked liver yin, radix bupleuri radix puerariae gastric juice consumption", although it was zhang fengkui language, but once the yip's reference, influence is big.so later the acknowledgement of wood, then save the heart of this sop.

language such as"warm fabrics lead shen ping again cloud:"malaria the death certificate, only the radix bupleuri cure ague kill also."again lead shee language cloud:"with this soup is malaria will(small bupleurum decoction), if like malaria malaria, jump in radix bupleuri, lift growth heat will not retreat, or two big ear pain, faint, even god more or the boot, spasm, jue to, life is too frequently."chongqing hall essay lead zhao juzhai said:"the first kind...liver yin deficiency...suffering from diseases, medical radix bupleuri several points, down after a pain at two side, top the top of the heat, the sun was like a round."liver yin deficiency when avoid radix bupleuri, malaria not cheap thing less, small bupleurum, is makes sense, but to be fair, they said so fantastic?

wang mengying bias is too hard for puerarin:sun a"risk of feeling, the deaf, the healer mud in shaoyang small dose of radix bupleuri, deafness is beneficial.meng ying of yue:latent summer heat, also with typhoid fever treatment involved?to be the agent of clearing lung, deaf to reduce disease.will go to rehabilitation method, all of a sudden deafness, noted the mistake ge powder a bowl, one small bupleurum was a agent, compound cast against jing lung and stomach medicine, find the more.

ge powder, starch with puerarin processing, people often use it to generation of lotus root starch in zhejiang province.even if not to eat, not as"one small bupleurum agent"and to the point of recurrence of deafness?most correspond to meng ying pan chenglian old life.only in the wang prejudice against puerarin had criticism, saying is"bai bi analyzes".s

source:"reading clear up a doubtful point and the gain and loss in the"(he shaoji), people's medical publishing house

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