methods for the treatment of stomach cold stomach cold food therapy more healthy

in the life of stomach cold patients is also more and more, but you know?actually can through their own diet can also be effective to alleviate, so now to introduce the treatment of stomach cold 12 small method exactly what?the stomach cold food therapy exactly what can let his stomach a bit more healthy?

1, brown sugar bubble pepper can effectively remove the stomach cold:

the doctor of traditional chinese medicine thinks, pepper has the effect of warms cold phlegm, exhaust, can cure xiongge bilge full and catch cold catch cold cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc.the specific method is:take pepper 0.6~ 1.5 g, the end of the research, add brown sugar swallow with water;also used pepper bubble wine to the outside of the chest, can treat stomach pain caused by catch cold catch cold.

2, clove tea alleviate stomach:some people in the early spring, cold days or improper diet, often suffused with hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, very this point a clove tea, the stomach comfortable soon.clove tea belongs to the warm, good to the stomach cold, often clove tea also can prevent stomach ailments, ease indigestion, etc.

3, fresh ginger sugar cure stomach cold pain:500 g fresh ginger(late), 250 g sugar, pickled together;before dinner, three times a day, every time eat 1 scoop(ordinary spoon).stick to a week, usually work;if not completely good, continue to eat, to the good.

4, liquor burn eggs cure stomach cold:50 g spirit erguotou liquor, pour in the handless small, 1 egg, light wine, wine boiled away eggs are cooked, empty stomach to eat in the morning.light person eat 1-2 times can be the

5, ginger, dried tangerine or orange peel to cure the stomach cold sick:50 g ginger, tangerine peel, water decoction.

6, ginger cure stomach cold sick:use fresh ginger according to wipe the diagnosis and st 36 holes to fever.[page]

7 5 grams, dried ginger, 30 grams of caramel, cook porridge 500 grams of japonica rice to eat.cold sex stomach pain can be cured.

30 grams of 8, five-spice powder mix pork, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, ginger, stir in edible inside porridge.stir until cooked.can warm the stomach pain, cold sex stomach pains.

9, 2.5 grams of cinnamon powder, clove 2.5 grams, large, fennel, soy sauce, salt, cooked eggs break the shell, and cook for 1 hour, remove slices, eating the broth, stir in rice porridge.can warm the stomach pain, cold sex stomach pains.

10 10 grams, dried ginger, pepper 10 grains, dried, pounding, at the end of the study.with boiled water a blunt.after 2 times a day.can be good cold, cold cure stomach pain.this is li shizhen family recipe.

11, baked jujube bubble water cure the stomach cold:the jujube roasted with fire, it is best to crisp, early, middle and late three meal a day, with 1 cup boiling 3-4, bubble into the water became red, jujube not too sweet to drink it.

12, winter drink hot porridge:winter is the best regimens hot porridge.porridge, the main raw material for japonica rice, millet, or sticky rice, they not only contain rich nutrients, and sexual flavour ganping and stomach qi, the efficacy of pixu(spleen deficient), therefore, winter eat rice porridge is very good.

warm prompt:the stomach cold bad children easy to digest, so appetite is not good.children can buy some sheep bones boil soup to drink, cook the froth off out of the above, don't put other spices, salt and parsley.relevant article recommended reading:mental state is closely related to tummy bug nourishing the stomach to adjust the mood

through the above introduction, believe that we all know that 12 small treatment for stomach cold, so patients should eat at ordinary times is lighter, can drink some foods such as millet gruel, and so also is to have the effect of warming the stomach, the stomach cold patients also have the very big help, but the stomach cold words can not to eat some cool things will certainly be aggravating illness.

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