take medicine hypoglycemic not light!teach you a method eat high blood sugar!friends should look like to eat sugar

sugar friend one day eats food, should be evenly distributed to the three meals a day, three meals, eight full dinner between meals can be appropriate to add a meal, so that stomach not often sleep

get hungry, also easy to stable blood sugar.at the same time, pay attention to collocation and feeding sequence, to minimize blood sugar rose sharply.


a lot of sugar friends found that high blood sugar can easily after the breakfast, what kind of breakfast can utmost ground to avoid the liter sugar quickly?

(1) with whole grains, such as white flour steamed buns, fast and high blood sugar will go up, try grains steamed buns, quickly raise blood sugar is not easy.made of whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and mixed beans porridge or soya-bean milk is right choice.

(2) the mixed food, bread, steamed buns, noodles, porridge and other starchy foods, sugars, faster than protein, fat food litres of blood sugar.select 50 to 100 grams of sugar friends breakfast staple food, should add some milk, beans, eggs and so on blood sugar rises slowly, conditional word vegetables is very good also, such collocation, not too much starchy food, lead to elevated blood sugar quickly, also won't hungry due to eat less fast.

3.starchy dry more slowly than thin the blood glucose, porridge, noodles cooked the longer rotten absorption faster and faster, the higher the blood sugar.so, if you want to eat porridge, noodles, rice noodles and other rare food, should add dry food to buffer absorption rate, whole grains, vegetables, such as white rice porridge with steamed stuffed bun, grains porridge, green vegetables paper collocation are better.


chinese food should eat, energy consumption during the day, chinese food to have enough food.

the staple food in 50~ 100 grams, shrimp, 100 grams of meat and eggs, vegetables such as green vegetables, west blue flower, white gourd, bai luobo, beans, such as can eat, a small number of starchy vegetables such as potatoes, taro, yam to eat more, just a little less rice.cooking methods for best fried, steamed, stewed, boiled, etc., less oil, less salt, fried, fatty foods to eat less.


dinner like a beggar, must be light, especially not too full.

work often eat rich, real life actually eat dinner is the most likely to cause obesity, and elevated blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, so, sugar friends needs to control and avoid greasy dinner.

in addition, try to limit alcohol, especially don't drink on an empty stomach, because this may lead to hypoglycemia.if drank the wine, will reduce the staple food, high heat because of alcohol, eat must lead to excessive heat.

meat between meals moderate

missing meals, meat in moderation, don't let yourself hungry, also helps to keep blood sugar stable.if the postprandial blood glucose to normal, in the morning, afternoon, just before bed, meat can, such as eat a fruit, 100 grams of yoghurt, no more than 50 grams of nuts.

here it should be pointed out that, friends worry to eat fruit can lead to high blood sugar, but like guava, apple, pear, pomelo and other low sugar and sugar in the fruit is edible, and the high fruit sugar, such as durian, mango, banana, should eat less.

eating order has exquisite

a fine dining order, is also charged with the technique of sugar.the best order:eating soup and vegetables to staple food, meat.

(1) before the first drink a bowl of soup, increase satiation, and lubricate the esophagus aid digestion.

soup is delicate, less oil, less salt, such as tomato egg soup, vegetables rolled meat soup is very suitable for sugar, meat chicken skin, fat, blanch in boiling water for a soup, can get rid of most or lard, unfavorable soup boil for too long, more than an hour.

2.eat more vegetables.

most vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, balsam pear, white gourd, algae, low energy, eat much less rise in blood sugar.vegetable cellulose, after eating, increase satiety, eat green vegetables, rice, the amount of meat is easy to control.

(3) after rice shrimp protein foods such as meat eggs.

a lot of friends and sugar to the delicious meat cannot manage your mouth, and eat too much pork, beef, chicken, seafood, etc., not only the protein levels of animal fat is too much, lead to obesity.but, if every meal drink the soup first, after eating the green vegetables and rice, to eat meat, the amount is not easy to exceed bid.

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