dandelion herbs is known as the queen should pay attention to the taboo when bubble water to drink!

the dandelion is a common wild flowers, the spring can be seen everywhere in the wild, but this humble small wildflowers, actually turned out to have a thorough knowledge of the drug efficacy.the doctor of traditional chinese medicine thinks, the effect of dandelion has clear heat cool blood, because for a lot of heat and cause symptoms, with dandelion bubble water has a certain ease and treatment efficacy.

dandelion what effect is there?

is the main purpose of dandelion qingrejiedu, taste bitter, cold.dandelion element is contained in the dandelion, and choline, dandelion alcohol composition, etc.in addition, the dandelion of many nutrients, protein, microelement and vitamin content is very high.whether it's used to cook or cure, it is very appropriate.

1, the treatment of inflammation,

the dandelion has antiphlogistic effect, common inflammation such as hepatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, diseases such as conjunctivitis, cholecystitis have anti-inflammatory effect.

2, colds

a cold, usually accompanied by upper respiratory tract infection, such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and so on, these cases take dandelion has certain anti-inflammatory effect, for the wind hot cold have some relieve symptoms.

3, diuretic

dandelion for urinary system has a lot of help, for urinary tract infections have good curative effect.the other dandelion qingrejiedu, in terms of the urine pain due to lose, dandelion also has the effect of ease.

the dandelion"four have"

the benefits of dandelion so much, but is not for everyone, and taking the dandelion several need to pay attention to.

1, do not drink more

dandelion nature of the content, so if you drink a lot of dandelion is some damage to the body.first of all is prone to gastrointestinal tract reaction, for example, it's easy to have a stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and so on and so forth.in addition if taking a dandelion, a large amount for a long time and may lead to renal tubular narrow, affect the health of the renal tubules.

2, allergies do not drink

a dandelion, after all, is a herbaceous plants, there are some people allergic constitution tend to allergic to dandelion, after taking the dandelion can produce chills, complexion is pale and blue, and the phenomenon of chills.others will show on the body, appearance urticaria or whole body itching.these people are not suitable for taking a dandelion, also does not share the dandelion drip.

3, cold infection do not drink

the dandelion is heat drugs, have certain curative effect to thermal infection.but not all infections and cold are hot, some of the inflammation is cold sex infection, and along with the weak.so at this time is not suitable for drink dandelion, drank it easy aggravating illness.

4, yang deficiency stomach cold drink

spleen deficiency cold or outside the yang deficiency cold of people taking the dandelion, stomach pain, fatigue, loss of appetite and other symptoms may occur, will be more weak.

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