the honey nutrition like keeping in good health to eat more is better

a lot of people get up in the morning used to have a glass of water, and many people get up in the morning the first cup of water will also join a spoon honey, have the role of runchang purge.honey is good, but you have to know how to eat to play its biggest role!

so what benefits of honey have?

the main effect of honey with runchang purge, bacteriostasis, runfei, improve sleep, protect liver function beauty&skin care, to eat, to achieve the best effect?

1, honey water, pay attention to the temperature

drink honey water, is not just that simple.first of all, the activity of the effective components in honey, will be killed by boiled water, therefore cannot use boiled water, not more than 60 degrees of water.had better be below 45 degrees of warm water.

2, honey is a cold, eat have loose bowels

honey has the role of runchang purge, in fact all runchang food have a mild laxative effect.and honey is cold sex food, eat many will inevitably cause have loose bowels.

3, honey, sugar, diabetes don't eat

the honey is sweet, which is a sugar fructose and glucose, can cause high blood sugar, diabetes and high blood sugar of patients should not eat, can't eat at all.

4, honey, don't eat tofu

there are active enzymes in the honey, proteins, organic acids of tofu, which will generate a series of reactions in the body, several substances can cause indigestion.the constipation after drinking honey water is useless.

5, honey, don't eat leek

leek is a kind of vitamin c content is very rich in vegetables, metal ions in the honey.metal ions can cause vitamin c to lose, so don't eat leek eat honey.

honey eat put more than one bubble water.honey chicken, a lot of people do honey chicken, grilled coated layer and so on, but the food of the surface temperature is higher, so the activity of honey is reduced, no nutrition, can only give food adds sweetness.

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