comparing to the healthy body 10 standard on earth can you take a few minutes?


now society is more and more fierce competition, however, more and more friends became more and more pay attention to preserve one's health.but, do you really know how to preserve one's health?whether you're in the wrong way more walk more far.

so, believe a lot of friends will have such doubt, what success is keeping in good health?what is the standard of health?

believes that many friends have heard about 10 health standard, everybody can consult, whether to conform to the standard.if you have a lot of all don't conform to the friend may need to pay attention to the method of preserve one's health.

so, what health ten standards?

the first is to have abundant energy, and can be deliberately assume daily life as well as hard work, but because the job is busy and do not feel too much tension and fatigue.

the second point is to have an optimistic attitude, positive life attitude, and willing to take responsibility.

the third is to be good at rest, morpheus quality is better.there are a lot of friends were very shallow sleep, there is always a little voice, this is not good.

fourth is resourceful, and can adapt to various environment.sufficient to quickly adapt to environmental changes.

the fifth is to resist the common cold and some simple infectious diseases.there are a lot of friends in the winter is a cold, also is in poor health.

6 is medium weight, body symmetry.

the first seven, eyes bright, and quick response.

in article 8, tooth cleaning, clean here refers to no dental caries, pain, and gum color is normal, no bleeding.article 9 of

is hair luster, headless crumbs.

the last point is muscle plump, and elastic skin.

your health can have a few minutes?

to measure the distance?

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