over the age of the elderly to take medicine blood pressure these three issues should pay attention to

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although hypertension illness with a younger trend, but the elderly over the age of 65 patients with high blood pressure is still the mainstream.caused by high blood pressure, long duration, much viscera function in the elderly in the recession and the influence of merging other chronic diseases, the difficulty of the management of blood pressure is bigger, should not only control the blood pressure rising excessively, to control excessive lowering of blood pressure.

as a result, when taking blood pressure drugs in elderly patients with high blood pressure, it's best to clear up these three questions:

1, high blood pressure, need to start taking blood pressure medication

for many patients with high blood pressure, not necessarily immediately when first diagnosed with high blood pressure medicine blood pressure.if the blood pressure in the range of 140-159/90-99 mmhg, can try through the low salt, low fat diet, increasing physical exercise blood pressure and weight loss.after 2-3 months of adjustment, the blood pressure is not normal to start taking blood pressure medication.of course, this does not include people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and patients with blood pressure higher than 160/100 mmhg.

for age greater than 65-year-old old people, to start taking blood pressure medication earlier than others.as long as the blood pressure is higher than 150/90 mmhg, you should start taking blood pressure medication.if at the same time also had heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease, is higher than 130/80 mmhg, started taking blood pressure medication.

2, fall blood pressure medication, to what extent is the appropriate blood pressure

most experts agree, more than 65-year-old old buck will target relatively loose, as long as the blood pressure down to 150/90 mmhg, is appropriate.if after 2-3 months of observation, the body in good health, and do not have any symptoms, can combine to blood pressure 140/90 mmhg.

but for elderly hypertensive patients with diabetes, in order to prevent the occurrence of stroke, and blood pressure will gradually decreased to 130/80 mmhg.

3, the blood pressure of old people can't fall too low

for more than 65-year-old old people, the lower the blood pressure is not fall too good.the increase of the elderly with age, systolic blood pressure(high pressure) will rise significantly, and diastolic blood pressure(low pressure) will be reduced.if the diastolic pressure is too low, can increase the incidence of disease of heart head blood-vessel.

for the frail, suffering from various disease of heart head blood-vessel of elderly hypertensive patients, at the same time of overall lower blood pressure, also note cannot be diastolic blood pressure(low pressure) has dropped below 60 mm hg.

a lot of old people because of physical decline, activity ability is insufficient, more reluctant to go to a hospital review one's own body and blood pressure, often get themselves to take some blood pressure drugs.this is a very undesirable practices, the elderly more should pay attention to the importance of blood pressure medicine.feasible method is, must be more frequently measure their blood pressure, once found that blood pressure fluctuation is too large, will be timely medical treatment, and adjust their own step-down scheme according to the doctor's advice.

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