the child had a fever with cloth ibuprofen quickly!expert: is god fever medicine but these things cannot be used

all say ibuprofen for children fever is very good, so when what drug, it also has side effects, some things are forbidden to use!don't know, it need to look at the article!

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fever is one of the common symptoms of pediatric, severe illness may also trigger infantile convulsion(commonly known as cramps), serious damage to the brain, damage the intellectual level, is extremely dangerous.

how many degrees, burn to start taking

the clinical thought, fever is mainly due to pathogenic microorganisms to the stimulation of immune cells, which in turn generate endogenous pyrogens, into the children with central nervous system and oxidase activation ring, then in the hypothalamus produces prostaglandins, which in turn make reaction of internal control of the temperature regulating center, further regulate body temperature.

so the heat itself is a normal physiological reaction.generally less than 38.5 ℃ of fever, mainly to take physical cooling, at the same time observe the child's mental state, if the spirit is very poor tip temperature is very high, must be immediately draws back!and for children in the growth stage, the appropriate heating can promote the body function, body resistance is stronger in the process!

but if the temperature is higher than 38.5 ℃, it will have to take measures to cool.because children in hot state for a long time can cause it to increase the body's oxygen consumption and cardiac output, increase the burden of the patient's heart and lungs.

is it safe to ibuprofen

clinically proven ibuprofen suspension liquid for children safety and feasibility of heat treatment.but the drug adverse reactions, is the most serious anaphylactic shock, in addition, there are nausea, mild rash, abdominal pain and sweat, one of the most common adverse reactions of gastrointestinal reaction, accounts for about 80.6% of all adverse reactions.but the above reactions are relatively minor, children can ease the dose or medication to alleviate.

here emphasize anaphylactic shock symptoms:restlessness, oral dry, convulsions, poor response, difficulty breathing, pale face, heart rate 160 beats per minute.the symptoms should be dealt with immediately to a hospital!

the half-life of ibuprofen is shorter, can quickly remove in a short time, will not produce further damage to the patient's body, minor adverse reactions, general need not be any processing.

ibuprofen suspension liquid is primarily to promote cooling process, give play to the role of defervescence, no effect to generate heat process, so as not to affect the normal body temperature.can be oral, some children may appear sweat, children should be given adequate moisture for sweaty and appropriate electrolyte(drink water), in order to avoid water electrolyte disorder children.if the child is vomiting or severe diarrhea, avoid the use of ibuprofen suspension liquid!

studies have shown that ibuprofen suspension liquid used in pediatric antifebrile effect and duration, is better than that of acetaminophen, so sudden high fever heat treatment is more suitable for children night!

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