after meal half an hour to do wrong to hurt the body for keeping in good health!


we all know the importance of diet to health

but there are a lot of people ignored the

after meal some habits affect health!

before meals should do these things!


drink the soup before meals, and is worth for

the mouth and throat to the esophagus, stomach food is the only way.

a drink soup before eating, is added lubricant, in this way helps to smooth swallow food, to reduce the stimulation to mucous membrane of the digestive tract of dry food.

anteprandial drink soup, still can make the whole digestive system perk up ahead of time, accelerate the secretion of digestive gland enough digestive juices to digest the food.

the elderly decreased due to the secretion of saliva, if not before a meal drink shang run, easy to cause the thirsty and drink lots of water after a meal, which is not conducive to the normal work of the digestive tract after dinner.


before nap, eliminate fatigue control appetite

traditional nap after a meal, full sleep, wake up and easy to think of, in the whole body aching and tired.

the research thinks, a nap half an hour before meals, more than a nap for 2 hours after meals can effectively eliminate fatigue.

for people who are overweight, but positively related to sleep and weight, especially among young people.taking a nap after a meal is easy to make obesity aggravate might as well change before lunch nap 20 to 30 minutes, so as to better control appetite, help to lose weight.


before lunch nap method

after work or after school, eat a fruit, or drink a cup of milk, then a nap half an hour, then get up.

before meals avoid to do sth.


before drinking, sad hurt liver

when drinking alcohol is absorbed by the stomach and small intestine into the bloodstream, again by the liver detoxify.drinking can increase the human body to the absorption rate of alcohol on an empty stomach, cause a hangover, also can damage the liver and heart health.


before eating sour, increased calorie intake

acidic food flavour acid, can disappear.before eating can increase hunger and lead to excessive calories unconsciously when dining, for people to lose weight, this is not good news.

after dinner should do these things!


listen to music after a meal, promote digest

soothing classical music, light music can promote appetite and help digestion.good music can relax the mood, and relaxed mood and can effect on the body of the hypothalamus, which promote appetite.

moreover, music art as a kind of time, can make a hurried modern people slow down and have a good taste of food, such as"the mozart in d double piano sonata k.448,"scientists have been proved to be improving mood of a classic.

research indicates that beautiful melody, rhythm and soothing music can increase the secretion of gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive glands, helpful for digestion.

as a result, a meal and after meal can listen to soothing music, especially for the elderly, the effect is better.


stand up after a meal, beautiful leg slimming

standing after a meal is a very simple exercise, standing than sitting and lying can burn more calories.

after dinner every day, don't lie on the sofa watching tv again, might as well try to stand watch tv, can be in accordance with the standard of standing position to stand for half an hour.

cream after the meal to do sth.


after strenuous exercise, intestines and stomach to suffer

if, immediately after the meal strenuous physical activity or tense brainwork, blood will flood the whole body muscle or the brain, help intestines and stomach work less.

as a result, the stomach of the working poor, food cannot very good digestion, the time is long, digestive function will be weakened.


after half an hour after a meal walk again

to walk again after half an hour after a meal, help to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help intestines and stomach the secretion of digestive fluid and digestion and absorption of food, help to burn fat.

not walk immediately after a meal, not hurriedly go, not to strenuous exercise.


a bath after a meal, indigestion

a bath after a meal, the flow of blood to the body surface will increase, gastrointestinal blood flow will be reduced correspondingly, thus make the digestive function of the stomach weaken.


1 hour and then take a shower after dinner

a bath the best arrangement in after 1 to 2 hours after a meal, duration of no more than half an hour at a time, as far as possible in the bathroom door open exhaust or not closed.


immediately after a meal to drive, easy to mistake

as a result of the need of digestion after a meal, blood is mostly concentrated in the stomach, the brain is in a state of temporary ischemia, driving easy to cause the error at this moment, in a car accident.

as a result, one hour after the meal again drive safer.

these are all done?

before and after dinner time can correctly use!

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